Medical plastics recycling initiative ramps up at U-M Health

April 28th, 2023

A project over a decade in the making, the medical plastics recycling initiative, is beginning to be implemented, furthering University of Michigan Health’s effort to reduce carbon emissions, and making a substantial step forward in achieving the organization’s carbon neutrality goals. Learn more how recycling plastics consumed in the operating rooms can benefit our organization and the planet.

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Discussing how the organization – and you – can protect the planet

April 27th, 2023
A new initiative from anesthesiology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … plans to create a forward-looking, innovative new hospital focused on protecting the environment …  These are just two of the countless ways Michigan Medicine is working to lessen its impact on the planet. Those initiatives – and much, much more – were part ofRead more

Anesthesiology’s green initiative quickly shows progress

April 24th, 2023
Michigan Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology launched a new initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize its impact on climate change in 2022, and initial results have become available. As background, anesthesiology is a carbon-intensive specialty, including the recurring use of inhaled agents which can lead to significant greenhouse gas emissions and global warming overRead more

Earth Day 2023 at Michigan Medicine: ‘Invest in Our Planet’

April 21st, 2023

At Michigan Medicine, there is a history of investment in environmental stewardship, with aspirations to do more to improve planetary health and save lives. As Saturday is the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day, and in honor of the 2023 theme of “Invest in Our Planet,” the organization will share its past successes and future plans in this important endeavor. Click through to learn more!

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New drone delivery service to launch in 2024

March 15th, 2023
Key takeaways: Michigan Medicine is embarking on a new era in pharmacy prescription services by partnering with Zipline, a world leader in instant delivery service, to deliver prescriptions to patients around Washtenaw County in 2024. Zipline’s new home delivery service uses autonomous, electric drones to make fast, extremely quiet, and ultraprecise deliveries to rural, suburbanRead more

One reusable sharps bin = 500 plastic containers diverted from landfills

February 24th, 2023

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This has long been the rallying cry within the environmental sustainability community. Michigan Medicine has made it an integral part of its waste reduction efforts for years. Now, a new initiative focused specifically on reuse and reduction will allow U-M Health to make a substantial step forward in lessening landfill impact, while having an added benefit of improving employee safety. Click through for details!

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