• How do I submit an item?

    To submit an item, click the “Submit an Entry” above. Log in with your Level 1 login if you are a Michigan Medicine employee and fill out the simple form. Select the appropriate category for your item and follow the instructions.


  • Why can’t I access my old submissions? Why can’t these be used anymore to recreate or rerun my old announcements?

    You can access all of your old items on the Headlines website archive and resubmit your announcement from there. Just visit and search for your announcement in the upper right white search bar. Then copy and paste your item into the submission form here:

  • How do I write a better headline?
    1. Tell the reader as much as possible. Here’s an example: “Take the Employee Engagement survey by April 1 to win Michigan Medicine gear.” It includes a call to action, a deadline date and an incentive for those who complete the call to action.
    2. Use active sentences. Use words like “Take” the survey or “Win” free gear. Do not start a headline with the words “You can…”
    3. No more than two lines. Include important details, but make sure a reader can read it quickly and easily.
    4. Follow Michigan Medicine style guides. Only capitalize the first word and proper nouns in your headline. All other words should be lowercase.
    5. Make your headline simple. Not everyone knows medical jargon and acronyms. Make your headline appeal to a broad audience who may not be knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • Where can I find photos?

    You can find free images on our media bank here and see other resources on our DIY site.

  • How do I only receive emails about the events and announcements that interest me?

    Subscribe to one of our RSS feeds by going to your favorite category on the Michigan Medicine Headlines website and clicking on the RSS feed link on the right side of the page.

    You can find a full list of RSS feeds for Michigan Medicine Headlines at

  • How can I get my announcement or event featured in your advertisements on the right hand side of the page?

    Items are chosen based on organization-wide significance and applicability to large numbers of employees. We are always open to suggestions, so if you feel your item should be placed in the sidebar ads, please indicate this in your announcement submission.

  • Who can I contact for more information?

    Contact the Department of Communication at 734 764 2220 and ask for the Headlines editor.

  • What type of items can be posted in Michigan Medicine Headlines?

    Items submitted to and posted in Michigan Medicine Headlines should be of general interest or relevance to a large segment of the organization. This publication includes news, events and announcements that impact many of our faculty and staff.

    Smaller events, departmental newsletters, unit fundraisers and tailored news for specific audiences should be shared directly with impacted employees rather than through Headlines.

    Employees cannot submit advertisements for personal business and Headlines should not be used to promote non-Michigan Medicine activities.

    All submissions are subject to editing or rejection by Headlines editors.

  • Can my announcement be published in multiple categories?

    Please limit your selection to the most relevant two or three categories. If submitting to more than one category, indicate the most important category in the “comments to the editor” box for inclusion in the daily email.

    Items will be archived indefinitely in each section. Users can also see your announcement if they subscribe to the RSS feed for that category.

  • How many days are items featured in Michigan Medicine Headlines?

    Announcements will appear once in the daily email and then remain posted on the website. Items will be archived by year for search purposes.