April 5, 2020

COVID-19 Updates

With the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation rapidly evolving, faculty and staff may have questions regarding general information, protocols, procedures or policies.

Here are some frequently asked questions, which will be updated regularly:



Additionally, please take a moment to view these videos from Michigan Medicine leaders about our current situation, and how we are managing and planning care for COVID-19 patients.

April 3 – COVID-19 Employee Town Hall
April 1 – Information on PPE
March 31 – Nursing Staffing Model
March 27 – COVID-19 Employee Town Hall
March 24 – PPE Surgical & Procedural Care
March 23 – Leadership Video – Keeping Our Employees Safe
March 20 – COVID-19 Employee Town Hall
March 11 – COVID-19: Planning and Response

We are committed to protecting both our patients and employees and keeping them safe.  

If you believe you may have COVID-19, please call our COVID-19 hotline at 734-763-6336, or use an E-Visit to be evaluated by a Michigan Medicine health care provider.

Michigan Medicine Headlines has created this page to serve as a resource for all information and links you may have trouble finding. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for on these web pages, please email coronavirus-info@med.umich.edu and your question will be answered as quickly as possible.

As more information becomes available, we will immediately update this site.


April 4 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Town Hall Recording & FAQs, PPE Reminders, Stress Response Team, Free Street Parking, Hotline Numbers
April 3 – PPE UPDATE
April 3 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Courtyard Entrances, Updated Aerosol- generating procedures, PPE Update, Mask Reprocessing, Visitor Masks, HRO Practices, Parking & Transportation Update, Hotline Numbers
April 2 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | All Hands on Deck, New PTO Benefits, PPE Update, High Reliability Skill, Temporary Lodging Update, Scrubs Shortage, Travel Screening, Patients with VRE, Town Hall
April 1 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, New on PPE, Safety during Code Blue, Virtual Town Hall, Scrubs Shortage, Universal Access for Glucometers, Entrance Reminders, Contacts for Suppliers, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery, Our Community Chips in!
March 31 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Thank You, Care Team Changes, PPE Processing & Supply, Scarce Resources, DMS Huddles, #HailToTheFrontline
March 30 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Emergency Child Care Services, COVID-19 Testing FAQs, Occupational Health Update, PPE Use Updates, Social Media Guidelines, Used PPE Disposal
March 29 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Responses to Town Hall FAQs, Acute bone/joint injury clinic, Appreciation for Environmental Services, Mask & Glove Disposal
March 28 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, Town Hall Video, PPE Reminder, Opioid Prescribing, Mask & Glove Disposal
March 27 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Daily Stats, PPE Preservation, For Ambulatory Providers: Updated Video Visit Info, COVID-19 Provider Resources, RICU Update, Temp Housing, Hand Sanitizer Available
March 26 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) | Gratitude Expressed, State Decision on COVID-19 Transfers, Temp Ambulatory Consolidation, Health Department Order on Screening, Virtual Town Hall, Retail Food Hours Change
March 25 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) | Occupational Health Operations Changes, Virtual Town Hall, Guidelines on Attire & Patient Care, Parking & Buses
March 24 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) | Parking Changes, HR FAQs, Visitor Restriction Clarification, Revised Retail Food Operations, Shopping foe Essential Workers, Blood Donations Needed, Food Deliveries
March 24 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (AM) | Mask Guidance & FAQs, PPE Training, Limited Menu for PFANS
March 23 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) | Infection Prevention Practices, PPE for Operating Rooms, PPE Training, Social Media Guidelines, Social Distancing at the Hospitals, Testing Turnaround, Entrance Restrictions
March 23 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE | Leadership Video, PPE/Mask Protocol, Employee Exposure/Return to Work, Visitor Restrictions, Updated Closed Entrances
March 22 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) | Update on Fit Testing, Entrance Restrictions Effective Tonight
March 21 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM) |Approach to Mitigate Risk of Exposure, Town Hall Video, Mask/Glove Disposal, Entrance Changes, Food Delivery
March 20 – COVID-19 UPDATE: Residents in the Clinical Setting
March 20 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM)| Donations, PPE, Entrance Changes, Food Deliveries, Interpreter Services
March 20 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (AM)| Virtual Town Hall
March 19 – DAILY COVID-19 UPDATE (PM)|New PPE Recommendations, HR Staffing

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