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Mail order pharmacy provides best value for U-M Prescription Drug Plan members

July 10, 2015

Health care providers can play a key role in helping patients and their families make cost-effective choices about prescription medications. For your patients who are U-M Prescription Drug Plan members, switching…

U-M’s Home Care Services provides complimentary “Art Chairs” during Art Fair

July 10, 2015

July in Ann Arbor means it’s time for the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. The University of Michigan Health System’s Home Care Services – MedEQUIP division, will once again be providing wheelchairs…

Christopher Friese, Ph.D., R.N., calls for chemo med protection for health workers

July 6, 2015

U-M School of Nursing assistant professor Christopher Friese, Ph.D., R.N., authored a recent op-ed calling for more safeguards for health care workers who handle hazardous materials. Read more>>

Make your workplace healthier by becoming an MHealthy Champion

July 6, 2015

U-M is on a mission to create a workplace culture of health where our faculty and staff thrive. Achieving this goal takes small changes that happen one unit, department and area…

New annual mandatory on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Safety now open

July 6, 2015

A new annual institutional mandatory for selected faculty and staff is now open. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Safety training is required of all UMHHC faculty and staff who may enter University of Michigan…

Review and update your outside interest disclosures in M-Inform

July 1, 2015

U-M faculty, leaders, house officers, fellows and management staff are required to disclose all paid and unpaid job-related outside interests, activities and relationships in M-Inform annually. The outside interest disclosure period runs July…

Call for Quality Month Posters: New deadline July 8

June 30, 2015

The theme for the 2015 quality month is “Get to the Root Cause.” Make sure to get your submission in by July 8. The poster session, recognition program and reception will…

PASQUAL Scholars Program for faculty and staff application due July 17

June 30, 2015

The University of Michigan Medical School has established a Patient Safety and Quality Leadership Scholars Program (PASQUAL) for medical school faculty and health system staff who wish to become clinical leaders in…

Radiation dosimeters due

June 30, 2015

Monthly and quarterly radiation dosimeters (“badges”) are due for exchange on July 1. Please return your June (or second quarter) dosimetry to your departmental dosimetry contact and retrieve your July (or…