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U-M, Vanderbilt collaborating to construct COVID-19 projection toolkit for hospitals

April 8, 2020

Volunteers from the U-M Department of Surgery's Center for Surgical Training and Research, the U-M Department of Learning Health Sciences, and the Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative joined the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in forming a temporary collaborative that is constructing a projection toolkit that can guide hospital command centers on how best to allocate and redeploy clinical providers to COVID-related patient care units as patient load increases. This toolkit is free to all and is being updated daily, if not hourly. You can visit the in-progress website: www.covidstaffing.org and please follow the working group on twitter @CovidStaffing.

U-M researchers launch wide range of efforts to study and address coronavirus pandemic

April 7, 2020

An example of U-M research on COVID-19: Images showing the response of human cells in a laboratory setting to treatment with different combinations of existing drugs.  Research projects and innovations related…

100 years of stopping contagion with science

April 6, 2020

The Contagious Disease hospital, circa 1950. Right now at Michigan Medicine and around the world, health care professionals taking care of patients with COVID-19 are going to great lengths to protect…

The Michigan Medicine blog recap

April 3, 2020

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss. Is Stress from COVID-19 Upsetting Your Stomach? 7 Self Comfort Tips to Try The gastrointestinal system may be a victim of COVID-19 stress. Here, experts help to navigate those tummy troubles. READ MORE I'm a Family Doctor Fighting Against Fear and Struggling With Distancing While Trying to Keep My Patients Healthy Tammy Chang, M.D., shares her perspective on being a health care provider during the COVID-19 crisis. READ MORE Unlocking the Secrets…

Michigan researchers pool resources to combat COVID-19

April 2, 2020

To aid accessibility to crucial COVID-19 patient data, the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) launched a COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Registry to offer a centralized clinical characterization and management resource of what the scientific and health care community has learned through this public health pandemic. The registry will gather data from coronavirus patients in order to inform front-line clinical care decisions in real-time, trends in treatments, hospital-level projections and future research designs. Led by Emily Somers, interdisciplinary research initiatives faculty lead, associate professor of internal medicine, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and associate professor of environmental…

U-M Center for Drug Repurposing searches for coronavirus therapy

April 1, 2020

Johnny Sexton, Ph.D. Launched late last year, the U-M Center for Drug Repurposing (UM-CDR) is already taking on the challenge of finding a drug previously approved by the FDA — or…

Philanthropic fund created to help community give back

March 30, 2020

During an unprecedented time at Michigan Medicine, many members of the community — along with faculty and staff — have reached out inquiring about ways they can help the organization. With staff working hard to ensure the safety of patients and colleagues, the organization is honored to receive such an outpouring of support from the community. In response, Michigan Medicine has created the COVID-19 Philanthropic Fund. Gifts to the COVID-19 Philanthropic Fund will enable the organization to direct crucial extra support to its most pressing needs. Contributions may support additional staffing to care for patients, the purchase of equipment to…

The Michigan Medicine blog recap

March 27, 2020

A roundup of articles from both the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs, which cover stories on breaking news and research, health tips and wellness that you won’t want to miss. How a New Valve Therapy for COPD Helped One Patient Breathe Easier Janice Bright describes how minimally invasive treatment for advanced COPD improved her quality of life. READ MORE Study Finds Disease Causing Repeats Help Human Neurons Function By focusing on the biology of healthy nerve cells, new research finds repeats in a gene, which causes Fragile X Syndrome, regulates how and when proteins are made in neurons. READ MORE COVID-19 Coverage…

Community offers donations, support during COVID-19 pandemic

March 26, 2020

Michigan Medicine faculty and staff have received an outpouring of support from the community in response to COVID-19. From practical items — including the donation of…