Planning for Retirement Webinar

Posted on November 15, 2018

Attend an online version of the popular Planning for Retirement class offered by the Benefits Office. Covered topics will include retirement eligibility, benefits in retirement, retiree contributions to health care and retiree privileges. Free and open to all Michigan Medicine faculty and staff.

Westland/Garden City vanpool–sit back & enjoy the ride and save $$

Posted on November 15, 2018

Kroger @ Merriman & Cherry Hill
6:30 AM

Domino Farms Lobby B (7am) & Mott parking structure
7:00 AM

Mott structure & Domino Farms Lobby B
4:45 PM

Kroger @ Merriman & Cherry Hill
5:35 PM


Online visits help patients get answers about health conditions from the comfort of home

Posted on November 15, 2018

There’s never a convenient time to be sick.

Michigan Medicine offers consultations through the MyUofMHealth patient portal, called e-visits, to help patients get a care plan or prescription for minor illnesses — with no travel required or missed time from work.

Michigan Medicine primary care adult patients can initiate an e-visit for minor illnesses any time day or night, including on the weekend. Patients will receive a written care plan and prescription as needed from a health care provider in less than 24 hours. With e-visits, there is no phone call or appointment needed to access the same great care from a Michigan Medicine health care provider.

“Michigan Medicine, and other health systems across the country, are looking for ways to be more responsive to what patients want,” said Larry An, M.D., medical director for the Virtual Care Program at Michigan Medicine. “The greatest advantage is convenience and providing the right care to patients with minimal disruption to their daily lives.”

Michigan Medicine primary care patients can use e-visits for:

  • Cough and flu-like symptoms such as a sudden fever, body aches and chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Vaginal discharge/irritation
  • Red eye
  • Sinus problems
  • Urinary symptoms/painful urination

Adults can initiate an e-visit by signing on to and submitting a condition-specific questionnaire. They answer a series of questions about their symptoms, similar to the questions they would be asked during an office visit.

The Michigan Medicine health care provider responding to e-visit requests is able to access the patient’s health record and review their health history. If the questionnaire is submitted before noon, patients can expect a same-day response.

Patients pay $25 for the e-visit, which is comparable to the amount charged for a regular office visit and are available seven days a week.

To date, a reported 80 percent of patients who used e-visits were able to get the care they needed without going into the doctor’s office. If a patient is unable to be treated by an e-visit, their information is routed to their primary care doctor to schedule an urgent appointment. If referred to an in-person appointment, the patient is not charged for the e-visit.

E-visits can also reduce unnecessary and costly trips to an emergency department for minor illnesses. There will be times when patients must come in for a physical exam and follow-up.

“Part of providing quality care is knowing when those in-person visits are needed,” said An.

E-visits should not be used in an urgent situation, but are available as an option for patients instead of scheduling an appointment with their primary care provider.

Planning is underway to offer e-visits for children and to expand service to video visits in more areas. The advent of telemedicine and virtual visits is making an impact across Michigan Medicine.

Learn more by clicking here.

Today is World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day

Posted on November 15, 2018

Thursday, Nov. 15 is World Wide Pressure Injury Prevention Day.

This day was created to raise national awareness and to educate people about pressure injury prevention.

At Michigan Medicine, nursing has teamed up with Quality Analytics to streamline the monthly data collection process regarding skin injuries through the implementation of MiCART, an online data collection tool. This more reliable data will open the doors for improved analytics and data-driven decision making.

Stay tuned as more information is shared regarding preventing pressure injuries within the organization!

Back by popular demand: Paws4Patients apparel fundraiser reopened through Nov. 25!

Posted on November 15, 2018

This will be your last chance to order, so show your love for Michigan Medicine’s pups by checking out the ongoing apparel fundraiser! The net proceeds from this sale will support the organization’s current dogs for years to come — and help to grow the Paws4Patients program.

Anna, Denver, and Bindi have made a huge difference in the lives of patients, families, and staff, and they are grateful for the support that the Michigan Medicine family has shown them.

So what’s available in this apparel fundraiser? There are shirts, tote bags and even a bandana for your furry friends! You can choose to have your purchase shipped directly to you, or Michigan Medicine staff/faculty/students can opt to pick orders up at the main hospital when they arrive. Some of the shirts run small, so pay close attention to the sizing information as you order — because they are printed on demand, no refunds or exchanges are available.

  • To pick pick up your order at the main hospital (Faculty/Staff/Students only), click here.

Orders will be likely be available for pickup beginning the week of Dec. 10 — you will receive an email when it arrives with dates/time options for pickup. If you are purchasing as a gift and want to ensure that you get it before Dec. 18, it is recommended that you choose the direct ship option!

Thank you for supporting Paws4Patients and the great work that Anna, Bindi, and Denver do every day!

Don’t quit quitting: Today is the Great American Smokeout

Posted on November 15, 2018

Nearly 38 million Americans still smoke — and tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the U.S.

Each year, the American Cancer Society and many other health organizations, observe the third Thursday of November as the Great American Smokeout, which challenges people to quit on that day or make a plan to quit.

In support, the university and Michigan Medicine offer a number of programs and resources to raise awareness and support those who want to stop using tobacco.

Among the resources available to faculty and staff are:

  • MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service (TCS): Free, one-on-one individual counseling focused on the body, mind and social reasons for using tobacco. It is available to Michigan Medicine employees, as well as their dependents. TCS arms you with the skills needed to help you quit and stay quit. For more information, call TCS at 734-998-6222 or visit the program website. 
  • The 3Ps of Cancer podcast: Learn about prevention, preparedness and progress in cancer treatment and research in this new podcast involving members of TCS and the U-M Rogel Cancer Center.   
  • Towsley Center wall display: If you are visiting the Towsley Center at University Hospital in November, stop by to view the Towsley wall where a timeline of the history of tobacco is on display. The wall also includes information and resources that can help anyone who wants to live tobacco-free.
  • Quit kit: This “virtual” quit kit includes helpful information and tools to help you ‘Quit for A Day.’ 
  • Tobacco I.Q. online challenge: Take this 10-question quiz and test your knowledge about smoking, quitting, e-cigarettes and more. You might be surprised at what you learn. Faculty and staff who take the challenge by the end of the day today can enter a drawing for a chance to win one of five $10 Amazon gift cards.

Stay tuned for this week’s episode of The Wrap — coming Friday — which will look closer at the Great American Smokeout and other MHealthy programs that will help employees maintain their physical, mental and emotional well-being during the upcoming holiday season!

Brighton/Silver Lake Road Vanpool Opening

Posted on November 15, 2018

Silver Lake/Fieldcrest Park & Ride
6:10 AM

Cancer Center & NIB
6:35 AM

Cancer Center & NIB
3:30 PM

Silver Lake/Fieldcrest Park & Ride
4:00 PM

Sheng Koivu

Fenton/Howell Vanpool! We have 2 spots open!

Posted on November 14, 2018

Silver lake Parkway-Fenton / M-59 & 23- Howell
6:00 AM

UH Main Hospital-Cancer Center
6:50 AM

UH Main Hospital-Cancer Center
7:30 PM

Howell / Fenton
8:15 PM

Rikki Thibaut