New checklist for purchasing instrumentation (non OR)

May 8, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

In an effort to prevent the mixing of different metals (OR-grade and mid-grade) during instrument reprocessing, which can result in instrument staining or pitting, Michigan Medicine is eliminating the use of mid-grade steel. This affects only areas outside of the operating rooms, where instrumentation may be used for procedures. 

Effective immediately, all instruments purchased must be disposable or OR-Grade German Stainless steel. 

The Central Sterile Processing Department (CSPD), with approval from organizational leaders, has created a checklist for instrument purchases to help ensure the correct instruments are selected and CSPD is looped in accordingly. The checklist is located here.

The Instrument Purchase Checklist incorporates other aspects of purchasing that are also critical, such as having the manufacturer Instructions for Use (IFU) available. This will enable CSPD staff to review and confirm that instruments can be reprocessed.

The checklist document can be used as a general reference for instrument purchasing decisions, and as a template for communicating with CSPD when needs arise for new instruments that can be reprocessed.

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