Department of Social Work Selected as 2023 NASW-Michigan Social Work Agency of the Year

May 24, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones

The National Association of Social Workers selection criteria include upholding NASW standards and Code of Ethics; innovation of services; significant contributions to a population of concern to the social work profession; and implementation of culturally competent and anti-racist practice. 

On May 5th, Jason Schwartz, Erin Khang, Amy Jacobs, and Susan Radzilowski accepted the award on behalf of the department. (Picture below)

NASW recognized the Department of Social Work for the scale and scope of their services, specifically mentioning: 

  • The department’s role in the establishment of the Health Equity Consultation Service. 
  • The operation of the largest MSW field education program in the state and its post-graduate fellowship program. 
  • Pediatric social workers forming the Coalition on Advocacy, Resources, Empowerment, and Supports (CARES) to implement screening for food insecurity and establish a food pantry for Michigan Medicine patients. 
  • Social work’s role in the implementation of SDOH screening and assessment. 
  • The department’s extensive community-based work with seniors at the Turner Senior Wellness Center and K12 students as part of the Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools. 
  • The department’s role in the frontlines of the mental health crisis in PES, ambulatory clinics, psychiatric consultation services, and inpatient psychiatry. 
  • The Office of Decedent Affairs’ support for grieving families and staff. 
  • Social work’s role in the delivery of compassionate and evidence-based care in programs like the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program, Comprehensive Gender Services Program, and the Center for Sexual Health. 

Congratulations to everyone in the Department of Social Work!