Data Den now supports sensitive data

May 12, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Data Den Research Archive is a low-cost, highly-durable storage system that preserves electronic data generated from research activities. Sensitive data, such as HIPAA and PII, can now be stored on this service. Data Den is best for storing data that researchers do not need regularly, but need to retain because of NIH and NSF grant requirements.

Data Den is part of the Michigan Medicine Research Computing Investment (MMRCI) that provides researchers with unlimited data storage. With this joint investment from Information and Technology Services (ITS) and Health Information and Technology Services (HITS), most researchers will not have to pay for storage.

Volumes of data are duplicated between servers or clusters for disaster recovery — that means research data is safe! Additionally, data is encrypted and can be shared internationally. 

Not sure if Data Den is the right storage service for you? Try the ITS Data Storage Finder to find storage solutions to meet your needs.

Visit the UMRCP service page on the ARC website for more information.

Full details about what is (and is not) allowed to be stored on Data Den is available in the Sensitive Data Guide.