Alternative locations for picnic tables now open

May 18, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

From now until October, the organization is renovating the University Hospital Courtyard. The project will help modernize and rejuvenate the courtyard with new sidewalks, curbs, lights, handrails and stairwells, as well as update water utilities. Additionally, all pathways will be made ADA compliant.

To provide rest, respite and outdoor seating, picnic tables have been set up in alternate locations across the medical campus for the use of Michigan Medicine team members.

The tables are now open at the following locations:

  • Courtyard area south of UH South (8 tables) and the walkway along UH South (3 tables)
  • Courtyard between C&W and the Taubman Health Center (4 tables in grassy area). 
  • Grassy area west of Med Inn (9 tables).

Please note, wheelchair access may be difficult in the grassy areas. Please see the map above for a closer look at these locations.