2023 Virtual Art Fair: Poetry

May 3, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Those Eyes by Shyamala Devi, scheduling specialist, Office of Medical Student Education
Inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda

Radiant as the opalescent night sky.
Bursting incandescent light.
Quivers of love pierce the heart and
outshined a thousand suns.
Shimmering pools of infinitude,
thirst quenching nectar.
Boisterous celestial chorus of unyielding beauty.
Intoxicated by one glimpse, all sorrows cease.
Vast as unplumbed space
since time immemorial.
Ceaseless joy.
Despondency and fear disappear in the immensity of their glory.
They smile with the mouths all creation.
Fragrantly bountiful as an infinite garden.
The calming pauses between oceanic waves.
Dancing with fathomless resonate laughter.
Whirlpools of galaxies phase in and out of time.
There, lies the ever-existing, never not existing.Sparks of eternal flame whirl lightyears away.
They grant succor in anguish.
Vanquished despair set ablaze in thine tinder kindling.
Divine glimpses of immortality.
Shelter in thy fortress of protection.
Eastern star guiding to thy cosmic abode.
The rarest of gem’s luster cannot match their brilliance.
They are a zephyr on a desert scorched day.
A benediction baptizing all in your unerring peace.

Birdsong by Becky Liss, patient services associate, Cardiovascular Medicine at Domino’s Farms

If life as we know it
should cease to exist,
and only one bird was left
to claim the morning,
surely she would begin the day
with a Song
(COVID poem)

A Glass of Good Bourbon by Becky Liss

I watch her all night
Sitting in her wheelchair
A serene smile and soft eyes
The hint of a sparkle
Hair the texture of clouds
Greeting loved ones who hug
Holding a glass of good bourbon
Lost in her happiest memories

Change by Melinda Seiler, CPOE application coordinator, MiChart Team, HITS

The blank page beckons, silently willing me to express my anger, joy, feelings.
I stare out the window as I write, rain against the glass, the gray world just beyond reach.
I hear a bird calling, lonely, searching, waiting for another to respond.
The pitter patter of the rain is calming, but I feel the chill deep in my bones.
The world lies waiting for new growth, new life, hope.
Buds appear on trees, signaling a change is coming.
Change that will spark joy, bathing the world in color and warmth.
Joy that will quell the sadness and overcome that which was once shadowed.
Beauty of nature, connections with others.
I see the rain has stopped, and I smile.
The wait is over, and a new season begins

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