Shaping the future of DEI at Michigan Medicine: Over 5,000 voices speak up

April 10, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

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Key takeaways:

  • More than 5,000 Michigan Medicine employees participated in the DEI 2.0 Priorities Questionnaire, providing valuable insights to help shape the institution’s DEI initiatives for the next five years.
  • The top four DEI priorities identified by 75% of respondents include managing burnout, fostering inclusive communication skills, equipping leaders with inclusive leadership skills, and transforming systems to increase DEI accountability.
  • Michigan Medicine is committed to addressing these priorities, ensuring that DEI goals accurately reflect the diverse voices within its community, and fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Michigan Medicine recently conducted a DEI 2.0 Priorities Questionnaire to gather insights from its employees regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. The questionnaire, which ran from Feb. 6 to March 27, received an overwhelming response from over 5,000 participants, helping to shape the institution’s DEI initiatives for the next five years.

In an effort to reach as many employees as possible, the questionnaire was promoted during a special kick-off week (Feb. 27 – March 3) at both the Adult Hospitals and C&W and at over 24 Ambulatory Care sites across Southeast Michigan. That week alone saw more than 1,000 people respond to the questionnaire.

To ensure a broad representation of Michigan Medicine’s community, the questionnaire collected data on participants’ roles and work areas. The majority of respondents (88%) were staff members, with 28% of them being non-physician providers. Additionally, 8% of respondents were faculty and 4% were students.

The questionnaire focused on 10 potential DEI priorities, which had been reviewed and aligned with U-M Health’s BASE strategic initiatives, current HR initiatives, the Anti-Racism Oversight Committee (AROC), and the work of the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion. 

Respondents were asked to identify their highest priority, and the top four priorities, chosen by 75% of respondents, were:

  • Manage burnout, workload and fatigue.
  • Foster inclusive, caring communication skills that are resistant to microaggressions and cultural norms.
  • Equip managers/leaders with inclusive leadership skills and hold them accountable for practicing and modeling those skills.
  • Transform systems, practices and policies to increase accountability around diversity, equity and inclusion (hiring, onboarding, valuation, admissions).

By addressing these priorities, Michigan Medicine aims to set DEI goals that accurately reflect the voices of its community. 

The overwhelming response to the questionnaire demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the institution and underscores the importance of collective efforts to create a more inclusive environment for all.

Stay tuned in the months and years ahead for updates as these priorities are carried out across the organization!