Cornerstone Learning update provides more targeted training modules for employees

April 3, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Our implementation of Cornerstone Learning allows Michigan Medicine to more accurately identify those who are required to take online modules. As always, the ultimate goal is to deliver the right learning to the right person at the right time.

Cornerstone allows us to expand on the individual attributes of each Michigan Medicine employee, non-Michigan Medicine employee, and sponsored affiliate to ensure that the correct learning is assigned to each learner. 

This is why some learners are now required to complete modules that they weren’t assigned in the past. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below to familiarize yourself with this addition to the learning catalogue.

Why must I take Michigan Medicine Compliance if it was never assigned to me in the past? 

With Cornerstone now “live,” the organization is able to more accurately identify those who must complete this annual regulatory requirement. Michigan Medicine Senior Director of HR Strategy and Organizational Effectiveness Paul Sturgis shared that Michigan Medicine’s transition to Cornerstone has helped update processes.

“It is imperative that we have a secure platform to maintain our records and provide employees with the most relevant, cutting-edge information available,” Sturgis said.   

What is the purpose of Michigan Medicine Compliance Module? 

Individuals with access to Michigan Medicine Active Directory (Level 2) and/or Outlook email, including non-Michigan Medicine employees and sponsored affiliates, must now complete mandatory training via the Cornerstone Learning management system. Access to Level 2 systems comes with a risk of exposure to sensitive information, including identifiable patient data.

Jeanne Strickland, Michigan Medicine’s chief compliance officer, shared that by equipping employees with Level 2 access compliance training, the organization hopes to mitigate risks to protected health information (PHI).

“We are each responsible for the safety of our patient’s data and other sensitive information, along with the systems where the data is stored. By engaging with nuanced trainings on compliance, we set them up for success,” Strickland said.  

For more information, please see this article regarding changes that were implemented in March 2023Link to previous Headlines article.

Moving forward, plans are in place to better identify requirements by role and automate this process through the Cornerstone Learning management system. If you feel the compliance course has been assigned to you in error, please contact: