Today is Giving Blueday — support what inspires you!

March 15, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Today is Giving Blueday! For this university-wide day of giving, we are celebrating philanthropy and inviting patients, families, and our team to support what they love about Michigan Medicine.

During last year’s Giving Blueday, 1,407 donors made gifts totaling more than $352,000 to Michigan Medicine. About 31.5% of gifts came from staff and faculty — a record since Giving Blueday began in 2014.

Jay Jackson, who retired in 2016 as the University of Michigan School of Information’s multimedia creative lead, chooses to participate in Giving Blueday by contributing to the Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund at U-M Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

“I support Mott and the Charles Woodson Fund because I believe every one of every age deserves the best in medical care,” Jackson says. “Research into childhood diseases and treatments is critical because not all adult treatments can be scaled down for children. Mott’s clinical care and research programs are an extraordinary asset worth supporting.”

This year, 39 featured areas hope to raise funds and awareness to advance their goals. Areas seeking support include cancer, pediatric, and other research funds; U-M Medical School student-run programs; patient support operations; and many more. Visit the Michigan Medicine Giving Blueday website to see all the impactful projects and programs featured for support.

There are many ways to get involved:

Make a gift: Make a gift to support your favorite cause within Michigan Medicine or elsewhere at U-M. In many campaigns, a matching gift will double the value of your contribution.

Spread the word: Give your social media accounts a #GivingBlueday makeover. Share images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the day.

Thank a friend: Post to social media using #GivingBlueday and recognize a healthcare professional, or give a shout-out to a friend or community member who gave a gift to U-M.

Follow along: The Giving Blueday team will be highlighting milestones throughout the day. Search #GivingBlueday on social media channels or visit to keep up.

Join together with everyone who loves Michigan Medicine to combine your support and maximize your impact. Be sure to make your gift before Giving Blueday ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST.