It’s National Recognition Month!

March 2, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

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Key takeaways:

  • It’s Recognition Month! Take this time to thank your colleagues for the work they do every day.
  • Since launching our Recognition Platform, we have received more than 80,000 entries about members of our team who go above and beyond. Many have come from patients and their families.
  • Stories are being shared today – and throughout the month – detailing the impressive efforts of faculty and staff.

March is National Recognition Month, and it’s a great opportunity for us to reflect on the remarkable amount of recognition our faculty and staff receive for their efforts.

Since launching our Recognition Platform, we have received more than 80,000 entries about members of our team who go above and beyond. Each day, we are inspired by the work our colleagues do. We know that together, we truly make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. While many of our recognition entries come in the form of colleagues celebrating colleagues, we also wanted to share some stories submitted by patients who had exceptional experiences while in our care.

Easing the journey

Patient transporter Paul Behm was recognized by a patient family who shared: “Paul was the best transport we had at U-M. Not only was he prompt, but he did everything in his power to make the patient feel at ease. A nice conversation, a smooth ride (always telling you of the upcoming bumps), a warm blanket at the start of the trip and also one at the end. We can’t thank Paul enough for his humble personality and kind and caring ways. We were always relieved to see Paul, because we knew getting to the next destination was going to go well.

A patient submitted this about nurse practitioner Renee Stechow: “Renee is an amazing provider! I had trouble getting a referral to a facility outside of Michigan Medicine, and she went above and beyond to address it for me without any issues! Thank you for caring!”

Rehabilitation technology supplier Nicholas Hura was integral in helping a family equip their son with what he needs to thrive. “We met with Nick regarding my son’s stroller. Nick explained in detail about the mechanics of the stroller and made sure [he] was fitted/comfortable before leaving the facility. Since this is the first specialized device we have requested for our son, I had tons of questions about the functional operation of the stroller, along with questions about the warranty, etc. Nick was very thorough and kind in his responses. He definitely went above and beyond for our family. We are very appreciative of him and his time.” 

Seen and cared for

Another submitted this about Lorea Shala, a physician assistant in the Division of General Medicine: “Lorea was able to coordinate my care very quickly. She became familiar with my treatment, then worked with several groups within the hospital and outpatient systems to get everything set up within just a few hours. She showed great empathy, did a great job of clearly communicating the steps to me and my mother, and followed up with us. In my opinion, she went well above and beyond what she needed to do, and I very much appreciate her efforts.” 

A mother who delivered her child with us shared this thank you with registered nurse Tasneem Abdul-Basir: “I labored all night, and you took over during my active labor, after another nurse had to leave. I was so scared to have that change after having become comfortable with the other nurse throughout the long night, but you were just as wonderful! I remember having to be rushed to the OR for a C-section, and you looked at me during all the chaos, made eye contact and said, “Lindsey, would you like to try pushing once more? You CAN do that if you’d like to.” I felt so calm and seen after that! While we ended up having to continue with the C-section, the important part was that I got to try once more to push my daughter naturally. Thank you for seeing me through one of the craziest but most special experiences of my life.”

Clinical nurse Danielle Schroeder protected a patient’s privacy and the patient expressed their gratitude, stating: “A sister-in-law attempted to gain medical information she was not permitted to have. Nurse Danielle professionally checked with the patient before releasing information. At the directions of the patient, no information was released. She put patient privacy first, and she now has a very grateful patient.”

Please join us in continuing to recognize our stellar colleagues by utilizing the Recognition Platform during National Recognition Month – and the entire year. Stay tuned all March as we continue sharing stories about the great work being done by Michigan Medicine employees!

Two members of the Michigan Medicine Recognition Program recently joined The Wrap employee podcast to discuss Recognition Month! Check it out via YouTube at the top of the page.