A different way to share your voice: Apply to Voices of the Staff

March 6, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

If you are a Michigan Medicine staff member looking for a way to continue sharing your input throughout the year, consider joining Voices of the Staff.

What is Voices? 

Voices of the Staff is the long-standing U-M employee engagement program for staff from Michigan Medicine and every academic campus. Each year it brings together 130 staff members to help drive workplace improvement for all. 

Voices of the Staff has six network teams, each with a specific area of focus.

  • Advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Enhance the Employee Experience
  • Embrace Change 
  • Promoting Career Growth
  • Facilitate Flexible Work
  • Strive for Well-being

Apply to Voices now! 

In 2023, the latest challenge facing our staff community is how we reimagine what our workplace will be like in the near term and beyond.  

To participate, you must be a member of the staff with at least one year of service, be in good standing, and have supervisor support. 

Use this online form to apply for Voices of the Staff by March 31.