Week in Review: Leaders building trust through rounding; new training designed to keep teams SAFER – and more!

February 24, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Happy Friday, Michigan Medicine! 

In case you missed anything during a busy week at Headlines, take just a few minutes to check out the Week in Review:

Vital Actions: Building trust through rounding

To humbly ask a question. On the surface, this HRO skill doesn’t sound like much, but when used to thoughtfully interact, it can improve communication between two people, build trust within a team and even help strengthen a culture of accountability. Learn more about this valuable skill and how the organization’s leaders are using it to make Michigan Medicine a better place to work and heal!

Innovative training designed to keep teams SAFER launches in PES

Last month, Michigan Medicine Security launched the Situational Awareness for Emergency Response (SAFER) training in partnership with Psychiatric Emergency Services. It’s a unique program designed not just by security personnel, but also by clinicians, and it will keep team members safer in emergency situations. Click through for more on the training.

New cybercrime tactics: Call-back phishing

Earlier this week, Information Assurance informed faculty, staff and learners about a new type of cybercrime called call-back phishing. They also gave readers tools on how to recognize it and avoid falling victim to it. Check out that story here.

Community member ‘eating better every day’ thanks to generosity of others to address food insecurity

Last fall, Michigan Medicine announced its million meal mission – an ambitious goal to raise the equivalent of 1 million meals for Washtenaw County citizens. The goal is within reach, but will take the hard work and dedication of team members across the organization. Click through to see how you can help and to learn about one resident who has seen their life change thanks to the generosity of faculty, staff and learners!

Breaking Down Mental Health on the latest episode of The Wrap

“Breaking Down Mental Health” is a podcast for health care providers that bridges the gap between medicine and psychiatry. It focuses on equipping medical professionals with clinical guidance about various mental health topics from the very basic to the more complex, to better prepare all providers to answer the call to action during this mental health crisis within our pediatric population. 

Recently, the hosts of the podcast joined The Wrap to give insight into their program and why it’s so important for their Michigan Medicine colleagues to take a listen. On top of that, they provided tips and resources for parents whose children may be struggling with mental health challenges.

Check out this important conversation via the YouTube video at the top of the page or media player below.