Week in Review: Employee perks, parents send gratitude to Mott caregivers – and more!

February 3, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This week, Headlines highlighted all the perks of working and getting care at Michigan Medicine.

Early in the week, there was a rundown of discounts and deals team members can receive thanks to their MCards. Before that, readers learned how patients at the Northville Health Center find a little fun thanks to the creativity of occupational therapist Augusta Simmons.

Finally, parents of a child who passed away at Mott shared their immense thankfulness for the quality and compassion of the care delivered to their daughter over her seven-month stay.

Find all that and more as part of the Week in Review:

Perk up with exclusive discounts, deals simply for working at Michigan Medicine

Cheaper hotel rooms in Florida. Discounted appliances from ABC Warehouse. Deals on fitness equipment for your home. Believe it or not, all of these – and hundreds of more perks – are possible for you thanks to your MCard. Check out the benefits you can receive at businesses across the country!

Grateful family thanks 250 Mott team members for compassionate care

When 21-month-old Clara passed away after spending seven months at Mott, her family wanted to find a way to personally thank the nurses and technicians of 10W and 11W – all 250 of them. With the help of team members across the organization – from security to development to compliance – the parents staged an event to deliver gratitude and gifts. Click through for this heartwarming story.  

Helping hands: Occupational therapist adds personalized touch to her patients’ hand splints

When patients suffer a traumatic injury, or manage arthritis and other issues, physicians often prescribe them hand splints to help heal. That’s where Augusta Simmons comes in, a board-certified hand therapist at the Northville Health Center. Simmons, however, doesn’t create boring old splints – she blings them up with jewels, fabrics and other fun decorations. Learn how her artistic talent brightens the mood for her patients!

Black History Month at Michigan Medicine: A time for reflection, recognition and celebration

February is here and it’s time to celebrate Black History Month. All across campus, numerous events and festivities will take place, all related to the theme of “Rooting for Everybody Black.” Take a look at those events and read about some of the pathbreakers and pioneers who have broken barriers at Michigan Medicine.

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