WCTF annual Career Conference to focus on empowering women to ‘refuel their careers’

February 14, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The U-M Women of Color Task Force (WCTF) celebrates its 41st annual Career Conference on March 3. This Year’s theme is Grow. Advance. Succeed. (GAS): Refuel Your Career.

Ritu Bhasin, award-winning speaker, author and internationally-recognized expert in diversity, equity and inclusion, will deliver the keynote address on “Women of Color, Rise Through the Authenticity Principle,” addressing concepts including the profound link between authenticity, belonging and inclusion, how to identify and interrupt internalized bias and self-limiting beliefs, and practical strategies for overcoming the barriers to authenticity to create a culture of belonging.

As the largest professional development event at U-M, this year’s conference is from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting with virtual Zoom sessions in the morning and hosting an in-person keynote luncheon and afternoon workshops at the Michigan Union and Mason Hall.

Conference attendees may select from a variety of workshop sessions designed to support their professional and personal development. 

Workshop topics include: 1) Develop Your Staff or Watch Them Go, 2) Understanding and Increasing Psychological Safety in the Workplace, 3) Cultivating A Culture of Appreciation, 4) Leading Beyond Your Title & Comfort Zone, and 5) Inclusive Leadership with our teams, on campus and beyond.

Addressing how the workshop sessions were chosen, conference planning chair Rachel Dawson, managing director of U-M Precision Health, said “as we continue to see changes in how we work and where we work, we wanted to provide our members with tools and resources to be successful in every work environment, and to help them realize that self-care is as important to their success as their professional skills and experience.”

Dawson went on to say that she believes “there is something for everyone no matter their role, level of experience, race or gender.” 

The conference is open to all U-M staff, faculty, students and the public. Attendees must register and there is a registration fee based on your selected events. Registration closes on Feb. 28.

Conference sponsors include the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), the new home of WCTF, University Human Resources, and TIAA, the Platinum Plus corporate sponsor and the following schools, colleges and units who demonstrate their commitment to staff development and diversity equity and inclusion through their support of this conference:

  • The School of Dentistry
  • The School of Education
  • The College of Engineering
  • The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • The School of Kinesiology
  • Michigan Medicine
  • Michigan Nursing
  • The College of Pharmacy
  • The School of Public Health
  • Michigan Ross
  • The School of Social Work
  • U-M Precision Health
  • U-M Taubman Institute

Founded in 1979, WCTF provides professional development, networking and training opportunities for employees, with a focus on addressing the needs of women-of-color staff. For more than 40 years, WCTF has served as a support network and forum for the exchange of information about the status of women-of-color staff at U-M.

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