Spring MiChart system upgrade coming March 12; training materials available now

February 7, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Training materials for the spring upgrade to Michigan Medicine’s electronic health record are now available.

To prepare for new functionality and enhancements, Health Information Technology & Services has prepared training content for all MiChart users to review before these changes go into effect. For the spring upgrade, eLearning modules are only being pushed out to the Revenue Cycle Department. 

For those interested in the full transition to “Book It” that will replace the Make Appointment activity for scheduling, it is recommended that review the Book It Material Landing Page (requires login to view MiChart information)

All other content is available for review on MiChart Spring Upgrade project page. The content is organized by role and contains slides of relevant changes, with links to tip sheets and/or videos where applicable.

Practice environment 

A practice environment featuring the changes coming in the Spring MiChart is available now to all MiChart users through Virtual Places (https://vplaces.med.umich.edu). This will provide users a chance to experience the upgrade changes prior to the go-live on March 12. 

Select the Epic MiChart Practice Upgrade Environment icon to log in. Detailed instructions for accessing the practice environment, including login and patient information, can be found on the following links. 

Please note – you must log in to access the MiChart information

Materials shared during the Clinicians User Experience Labs, including overview slides, draft tip sheets or guided explorations, are now available on the MiChart Upgrade project page.

After using the practice environment, please provide your feedback on what you see as big wins, challenges or areas that might need extra clarification, including any issues you encountered by filling out this survey. Your input will help provide better communications and training materials.

About the upgrade:

The spring upgrade will include updates, system maintenance and new features to the MiChart application. 

The newest upgrade will enable some key changes and enhancements, including: 

  • Redesigned Outpatient Synopsis view.
  • Updates for managing pending orders. 
  • Streamlined communications activity.
  • Updates for review flowsheets. 
  • Happy Together Notes to allow other organizations’ notes in chart review 
  • Full transition to “Book It” for improved and faster appointment scheduling. 
  • Brain Sidebar Replacing the Single-patient Work List for Nurses
  • Transition from Registration Workflow to Navigators.
  • EVS and Transport modules will be replaced with Hospital Logistics.
  • Transition to Navigator-Based Study Review for Cardiology
  • A Single-Screen solution for Pharmacists when verifying orders.
  • Preassign Patients to Bays on the Status Board.
  • Outpatient Procedural Check in and Surgical Admissions Updates 

In addition to the Spring MiChart upgrade, four other MiChart projects will go live on March 12:

  • Elsevier Clinical Practice Model (CPM) Content Upgrade.
  • Implementation of the Stage 5 Anesthesia module.
  • Implementation of the Stage 5 Dialysis module.
  • New Maternal Emergency Narrator

For more information 

Please visit the Spring MiChart Upgrade project page.