Livonia Center for Specialty Care will transition services to other centers by 2025

February 9, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

The Livonia Center for Specialty Care (LCSC) which offers specialty services within the Radiology, Urology and Otolaryngology departments, will be relocating services to nearby U-M health centers in phases over the next two years, with the first move likely taking place in late 2023.

When leaders were made aware that the center’s lease would expire in 2025, a cross-functional team conducted a thorough analysis of the center’s current and future patient care needs. Due to the limitations of the building’s infrastructure and regulatory requirements, it became clear that the center would not be able to continue to accommodate the high level of quality care which its patients have come to expect from its exceptional LCSC team. 

A key driver to this decision was the LCSC sterilization plan. Facility issues would have made it very difficult to implement the changes needed to remain in compliance and provide a safe, reliable experience for both our patients and our faculty and staff.

“When making transition plans, we factored in our concern for preserving this community – this LCSC family,” said Migdalia Musler, M.H.S.A., chief operating officer, ambulatory care.  “We felt the best way to do that was to relocate all services to nearby centers.  In fact, we are fortunate that we can relocate the majority of services to the Northville Health Center, only a half mile away. In all cases, our services will be at centers which provide more updated facilities and technology than we can offer at Livonia currently.”

The LCSC services will transition to the following locations:

  • Urology will move to the Northville Health Center in the adult suite.
  • All Radiology modalities have met the fit test to relocate to Northville and work is in progress with an architect to assess the space requirements for CT services.
    • Otolaryngology
    • Facial cosmetics will move to the Brighton Center for Specialty Care (BCSC)
    • Hearing services – While there will be a closure of two booths at Livonia, there are two booths currently available at Brighton, and we are recommending activating the third shelled hearing booth.
    • All other Otolaryngology services will relocate to the Northville Health Center (NHC)

“We have a wonderful group of faculty and staff at the Livonia Center for Specialty Care” said Paul P. Lee, M.D., J.D., Executive Director, U-M Medical Group. “We expect to accommodate all staff currently working in Livonia by transferring them to areas where need matches expertise. We will work closely with everyone and collaborate with all centers and our leaders and teammates across our departments, medical group and health system to ensure a seamless transition for our faculty, staff and patients.”

For more information about the transition, visit this link for FAQs about this transition, which will be updated as more details are finalized.