5 tips for rocking your mid-year review

February 3, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It’s hard to believe we’re already past the halfway point of the fiscal year! Now’s the time when managers and staff should be reviewing their FY23 valuation and the progress made toward their goals. 

The third quarter in the Performance Management plan focuses on mid-year reviews and planning for the remainder of the fiscal year.

It can often be challenging to find time to shift into “review mode” when you’re in the midst of your busy year. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick, timesaving list of the top five tips to rock your mid-year review:

Get in the right mindset

Reviews can sometimes make people feel anxious or uncertain about their performance. Managers can put employees’ minds at ease by communicating ahead of time what the mid-year review process will look like with an agenda and expectations for the check-in. Use this conversation to empower your team by recognizing accomplishments, identifying roadblocks and offering your support to finish the year strong.

Employees can take ownership of the mid-year review conversation by reflecting on their performance up to this point. 

You know your work; use the mid-year review to communicate your needs, new ideas and suggestions for goal recalibration. A mid-year review is meant to be a collaborative dialogue and an opportunity for both parties to share feedback. 

Review your goals and expectations set at the beginning of the year

Mid-year reviews should be dedicated to reviewing SMART goals, celebrating accomplishments and determining what is needed to be successful through the rest of the year. 

Ask what work is most realistic to accomplish based on the current environment or amid changes that have taken place. This is a great time to discuss any roadblocks affecting your work or where you may need extra help. Employees should adjust their goals based on the agreed upon recalibrations with their managers.

Use resources

The Performance Evaluation resources webpage is the one-stop shop for valuation information. The Manager’s Quick Guide for Effective Mid-Year Reviews provides a handy breakdown of the mid-year review process and is full of helpful links. 

Additionally, exploration questions can help managers and staff prepare for and shape an impactful conversation. We recommend sharing the check-in questions with staff prior to the meeting. 

Finally, we encourage searching “performance management” on LinkedIn Learning (by way of Cornerstone)  to find videos that can guide you through your planning and process.

Consider sending 360° reviews

Now is a good time to think about gathering 360° feedback from peers, customers, or other stakeholders. 360° reviews can be a great way to get a broad range of perspectives that paints a more accurate picture of an employee’s performance and can be sent at any time throughout the year. 

Prepare for the future

Completing your  mid-year review now means that you’ll be well prepared for when the valuation process moves to Cornerstone Performance next year. That’s when mid-year reviews will become mandatory. By this time next year, you’ll already be in the habit!

Flexing your performance review muscles regularly takes the heavy burden off this ongoing yearly process. 

Learn even more about mid-year reviews on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast. You can find the show via YouTube at the top of the page or media player below! 
Email FY23Valuation@med.umich.edu with any questions.