You’re invited: Bioethics Grand Rounds

January 17, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

On Jan. 25, you are invited to a Bioethics Grand Rounds entitled “From cross-culture psychiatry to clinical practice: What to do about the self/other boundary in schizophrenia.”

The event will take place at noon and be hosted by Kriszta Sajber, Ph.D. Sajber will bring together perspectives from philosophy, anthropology, psychiatry and psychology to demonstrate how cultural variations in the placement of the self-other boundary impact approaches to mental illness and the psychiatric patient-clinician relationship. 

Sajber will compare the clinical model of Western industrialized societies to the treatment of schizophrenia in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where the locus of control characteristic of sociocultural beliefs is in much more fortuitous alignment with the caregiving environment’s emotional temperature.

She will provide philosophical analyses of cultural beliefs which place a person’s agency outside of the self (such as beliefs in super-human powers or dependence on community support) and explain why, when combined with communications carrying low emotional charge, these turn out to be less stigmatizing within the community, and create better treatment outcomes for schizophrenia in both clinical and community-based settings.

Click here to attend the virtual event!