PTO sell back deadline Jan. 10

January 4, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Michigan Medicine PTO sell back program is available twice a year, in January and in May. This month, the deadline to submit the sell back request is Jan. 10.

Reminders regarding eligibility:

  • The Sell Back program is for non-bargained for Exempt and Non-Exempt U-M Health and Shared Services employees, but excludes those who are in the probationary period or those who are in ungraded pay zones
  • Sellable hours: 40 hours (once per year – January or May)
  • You must maintain a balance of 40 hours in your PTO bank
  • The request form to sell back PTO is accessible on the HR website
  • Complete the form and submit to your supervisor or timekeeper for processing.
  • Once the form is submitted, it cannot be rescinded
  • The sell back hours will be paid out in the last paycheck of January
  • Sell Back hours are taxed at the flat federal tax rate, plus state and FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
  • Regular earnings are taxed separately at the normal tax rate