FAQs: Livonia Center for Specialty Care

January 23, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Last updated Jan. 23, 2023

Q: When is Livonia Center for Specialty Care closing?

A: Michigan Medicine’s lease on the building is expiring in April 2025. However, the transition of various services will happen in a phased approach over the next two years, with the first move to take place as soon as late 2023.

Q: Why have we decided to close this center?

A: After a multi-year assessment, a cross-functional team decided it was necessary to not renew the lease and thus to close the facility based on many factors, including the following:

  • Livonia’s sterilization plan is not in compliance, and certain issues with the building would make it very difficult to implement the changes needed to make it compliant.
  • Other Michigan Medicine centers provide more modern facilities and technology.
  • Most services can be relocated to nearby centers, such as the Northville Health Center (NHC), which is only a half mile away.  

Q: Why can’t we just update the sterilization system?

A: It would require the permanent displacement of multiple clinical support spaces and be too costly to make the necessary improvements required by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

Consolidating services and processing at the NHC enables greater efficiency, improving the patient experience through shorter turnaround times and reduced risk in the transport of scopes. Plus, the NHC already has a project underway to expand scope reprocessing capability and has the building space to accommodate the extra treatment rooms.           

Q: Where will all the departments and services go?

Radiology services and urology will move to the Northville Health Center (NHC). Facial cosmetics will move to the Brighton Center for Specialty Care (BCSC), along with hearing services. All other otolaryngology services will relocate to the NHC.

Q: Will employees of the LCSC lose their jobs because of this closure?

A: We expect to accommodate all staff currently working in Livonia by transferring them to areas where the need matches the expertise of our staff. We have many open positions within U-M Health, and our goal is to retain all of our employees.

Q: What if the existing Livonia employees are offered jobs which are not with the departments they previously work with or are too far away from where they live to follow their departments?

A: We intend to work closely with faculty and staff at the Livonia Center as we relocate these services. We will consider the interests, travel time and other issues of our faculty and staff and will also work collaboratively with all the other health centers and clinics involved in the moves to ensure a seamless transition for our faculty, staff and patients.

Q: What has been the process for involving departments and teams in the closing of LCSC?

A: This transition has been the result of several years of review and analysis of our current levels of patient services at the Livonia Center for Specialty Care and our assessment of our ability to maintain our high level of care based on future needs and the facility’s ability to meet those needs. In fact, when we opened the Northville Health Center, it was with the capability of one day moving LCSC services to the new location if needed.

Q: What happens if we lose patients due to this move because they do not want to drive further away for these services?

A: We don’t believe that will occur because we have moved most services very close to their original location. For example, all urology services provided at Livonia will be available at Northville, less than one mile from the original location. 

Q: Will I have to reapply for my position when my department moves to a new location?

A: Individuals within the specialties that are relocating to Northville and Brighton will not have to apply for their respective positions.

Q: How will I find out when my group will move?

A: Our U-M Health leadership and departmental teams are working closely together to determine the most appropriate timeline to relocate each service. To minimize disruption of services, we will want to coordinate necessary renovations and services across the sites. We are communicating with all involved early in the process, and will continue to do so, to ensure your input can be considered in the transition.  Once we have more details, we will share that information. Your supervisor will inform you of specific details prior to any transition. FAQS will be updated at this link.   

Q: I work in Northville/Brighton. What does this transition mean for me? When new services move in here, will my department move to a new space or see some other changes?

A: As the transition team plans the timing and logistics for each service to move to their new location, they will work closely with your center leadership, and the facility and engineering teams, to analysis the best work environment solution for all departments and services involved. To minimize disruption of services, the most appropriate timeline to relocate each service will be determined and any necessary adjustments and renovations will take place. Depending on where you work, you may experience some change. However, a very thoughtful, multi-year analysis completed prior to this decision determined that the specialized services currently provided at LCSC can be accommodated within the centers we have designated for the transition. We are communicating with all involved early in the process, and will continue to do so, to ensure your input can be considered in the transition.  Once we have more details, we will share that information. Your supervisor will inform you of specific details prior to any transition. FAQS will be updated at this link.   

Q: When can I begin to tell my patients about the move? Will there be some information to share with them about where they can go for their services in the future?

A: We will provide you with patient information and a timeline for sharing that information prior to your department’s transition. If patients ask before details have been finalized, you can communicate that services will be offered in nearby Michigan Medicine centers, with a seamless transition when the time comes. A full transition will be completed by Jan 2025, with some moves likely starting towards the end of 2023.  We will provide as early a notice to all staff and patients, with all necessary information, as soon as possible. In the meantime, for more information you can also review updated FAQs at this link.