ADVANCE faculty climate survey coming Feb. 1

January 23, 2023  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The next wave of the ADVANCE faculty climate survey is set to launch on Feb. 1. Please take the time to complete the survey. This is your opportunity to confidentially share your experiences as a faculty member or lecturer with the ADVANCE Program.

All reports are de-identified, aggregated and shared with university leaders. Your responses also inform campus resources and faculty programs to address faculty needs such as:

  • STRIDE’s faculty recruitment workshops to share best practices for identifying and recruiting excellent and diverse candidates.
  • Launch committees to mentor new junior faculty.
  • RISE committee’s resources on workplace climate, including actions to respond to challenges in faculty meetings and over email.
  • Department-level climate assessments to provide unit-level information on the experiences of faculty, staff, and graduate students.
  • Faculty exit interviews, which help campus leadership understand the factors that lead to faculty choosing to depart U-M.
  • Grant programs to support faculty scholarship and travel to meetings or field work.
  • Network to Advance Faculty of Color, developed in collaboration with ODEI.

The survey will take approximately 30-40 minutes of your time in order to cover a variety of faculty experiences such as faculty-to-faculty interactions, job satisfaction, workload equity, discrimination, etc.

You can read more about this survey in this University Record article. More information is also available on the ADVANCE Faculty Survey FAQ webpage. 

If you have remaining questions, please contact:

Thank you for your efforts to improve the faculty experience at U-M.