FAQs: U-M Health-Sparrow proposed agreement

December 9, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Q: Why is Sparrow joining U-M Health?

A: Sparrow’s current partnership with U-M Health, which dates to 2019, has been very successful. It led to the two organizations having conversations about the development of a customized, unique partnership model. We found common ground in our visions for the need to create a statewide system of care that brought together community focused organizations to complement the traditional academic medical center and research platforms. The result is beyond what either of us could do on our own, and Sparrow is honored to be joining a nationally renowned health system known for its clinical care, quality, research and innovation.

Additionally, U-M Health is committing $800 million in capital investment to Sparrow, funded through hospital operations and strategic investments over eight years. This investment will enable Sparrow to accelerate the expansion of services, build greater breadth and depth of clinical expertise, and seamlessly integrate leading edge technology and other updates into the region.

For U-M Health, this is an important step toward its vision of a statewide system of highly coordinated care. Sparrow will co-lead in the creation of this statewide system along with Sparrow Medical Group playing a central role in physician development. Moreover, U-M Health already provides specialty care for many families from the greater Lansing area.

Q: Why does U-M Health want to expand to the Mid-Michigan area?

A: For U-M Health, this is an important step toward its vision of a statewide system of highly coordinated care; a vision that Sparrow shares and is excited to build toward. Together, we already collaborate to care for Mid-Michigan communities through our pediatric joint venture, Physician Health Plan, and, most recently, expanded plastic surgery services. Through this broader affiliation, patients from the Mid-Michigan region will have access to more coordinated specialty care closer to home.

Q: Does this impact the relationship U-M Health has with MyMichigan Health and U-M Health-West?

A: The mission of U-M Health is to advance health to serve Michigan and the world. An important part of that mission is fulfilling our responsibility to the people of Michigan to provide the right care, at the right place, at the right time. Sparrow will join our highly coordinated network, including MyMichigan and U-M Health West, as well as several unique collaborations we have in place with Trinity Health. Across all of our hospitals and collaborations, patients will have more coordinated specialty care, close to home whenever possible.

Q: Will U-M Health doctors practice at Sparrow facilities?

A: U-M Health doctors already practice at Sparrow in several capacities. Our pediatric joint venture has built upon the strength of the existing Sparrow care teams and brought several C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital pediatric specialists to Lansing. More recently, our plastic surgery collaborations have brought U-M surgeons to E.W. Sparrow Hospital. With Sparrow now joining U-M Health, a key priority will be supporting Sparrow’s existing clinical expertise and adding new doctors, including U-M Health providers, to Sparrow locations where appropriate to help meet the needs of our communities.

Q: Will Sparrow employees become U-M Health employees?

A: The valued physicians, providers, nurses and caregivers of Sparrow will continue to be employed in their current positions by Sparrow and Sparrow Medical Group. Sparrow employees will continue to report to their current leaders, and we will work together to build relationships across U-M Health and Sparrow.

Q: For patients at Sparrow, how will care change?

A: The focus of Sparrow and U-M Health is on integrating care to best serve patients, with a focus on keeping care local. Over time, both organizations look forward to continuing to strengthen and broaden access to specialty care locally in the communities Sparrow serves. The two organizations joining has no impact on Sparrow’s relationship with insurance plans.

Do you have any more questions about this new collaboration? Email them to headlines@med.umich.edu and they will be answered as quickly as possible.