Last chance: Gifts of Art galleries on display through Dec. 2

November 22, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Don’t miss your chance to catch a few more Gifts of Art galleries that are on display at Michigan Medicine through Dec. 2!

Here are a few that you can check out either in person or online

Fiber Art by Paradigm Quilt Artists

Most members of Paradigm Quilt Artists are professional artists based in southeast Michigan who create art, teach and lecture. The theme of this exhibit is the vast world of botany, and the art quilts on display incorporate elements of assemblage, collage, painting and hand-dyed fabrics in addition to decorative stitching and quilting. The group used a round robin approach to create the work: the first artist made something which inspired the work of the second artist, and so on.

Fiber Art Dolls by Charlie Patricolo

As a full-time studio artist and instructor for 25 years, Charlie Patricolo has been making dolls for most of her life.  Originally from Michigan, she has made her home in western North Carolina since 1999. The inspiration for her work comes from various places, such as nature, fabrics, songs, books and family discussions. Her current work emphasizes nature and the imaginary world of fairies. She seeks to balance the harshness of the outside world by creating a softness to share. Patricolo loves the process of engineering, design, creation and embellishment of dollmaking, and shares this by teaching the craft.

Art Quilts by Lenore Crawford

Fabric is a rich, warm and colorful tactile medium. Creating scenes using this medium allows Lenore Crawford to capture the warmth and texture of her favorite places, flowers and people in a way not possible with other mediums. The pieces are inspired by photos she has taken, and she creates her fiber art with an eye for color and realism using a raw edged fusing technique. Small amounts of fabric paint provide detail and shading. Capturing the beauty of everyday life and her surroundings in fiber is her passion.