Celebrate your colleagues and the ways they inspire you

November 14, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

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Key takeaways:

  • All Michigan Medicine team members are encouraged to utilize the Making a Difference platform to recognize their colleagues.
  • Since its introduction, nearly 69,000 awards have been submitted to the site. 
  • In recent weeks, faculty, staff and learners were honored for carrying out the organization’s core values in their daily work.

Throughout the pandemic at Michigan Medicine, our workforce has banded together and found ways to go above and beyond for one another. Each and every one of us has an impact on the quality of care we provide and the kinds of outcomes we are able to achieve for patients and families.

Now that some of the stresses of the pandemic are subsiding and a healthier future is within reach, we encourage you to utilize the Making a Difference platform to celebrate your colleagues and the ways that they inspire you. 

Since its introduction in 2020, nearly 69,000 recognition awards have been submitted. This platform also allows patients and families the opportunity to acknowledge outstanding interactions they have with our faculty and staff, and we hope you’ll direct them to it as well.

There are various ways to recognize using the platform. Whether sending an e-card or submitting a Making a Difference award, please join us in helping to continue a culture where the great efforts we make are recognized because when one of us has a victory, we all win.

Here are a few recent Making a Difference pieces highlighting our values and the incredible strength of our employees:


Mott pediatric respiratory therapist Nicole Coulston was recognized by her colleague Leslie Southall for going above and beyond to make a patient’s experience better. 

Southall wrote: “Nicole is always super helpful at the bedside, she values teamwork and is willing to help without even being asked. She jumped right in when I asked to do some mobility work with an intubated patient and made the experience for the patient much more relaxing. She is soothing and compassionate with her patients and approaches them with a kind heart. Thanks so much, Nicole. I appreciate all of your help!”


Nichole Pichla, a pharmacy specialist with the Rogel Cancer Center, was lauded by her colleagues for her efforts to obtain new chemotherapy options for a patient. 

Her colleague Lydia Benitez Colon wrote: “Nichole was cross-covering our clinic on a day where we emergently needed to pivot to a different oral chemotherapy. She was able to quickly identify a way to obtain the new medication affordably and took care of everything that same day. This translated to being able to start the patient on this new therapy in a timely manner. Thank you for being awesome!”


Sara Sebari, M.D., from internal med cardiology was recognized by her peers for going above and beyond in caring for a patient who is a member of an often stigmatized population. 

As her colleagues said: “Saberi was an excellent collaborative team member who ensured that this patient was able to stay in the hospital and receive access to life-saving care. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with physicians like her.”


The Health Information & Technology team recognized John Bell, an EI network and communications architect, for coming in over a weekend to help upgrade firmware that keeps our networks running smoothly. 

One colleague wrote: “Thank you for waking up – when you REALLY didn’t want to – and going into the data center to help support us.”


Operating room staff honored Laura White for her teamwork and caring in preparing other shifts for success.  

Susan Hennen wrote: “Thank you for helping out the night shift by ALWAYS setting up rooms! When I make my rounds through the OR, I often find that you have set up most of C core or you already have it done. We wanted to thank you for being a great team player and let you know your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and we appreciate you!”