Preventive Health Champions, the people behind the screens advancing health

October 27, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

According to the American Cancer Society, when breast cancer is detected early and is in the localized stage, the five-year relative survival rate is over 90%. Mammograms are an important component of early detection.

At U-M Health, to make sure that providers discuss this important screening with their patients in a timely manner, a medical assistant, nurse or panel manager often reviews a patient’s chart before the appointment and creates a pending order for a mammogram. This order prompts the provider to discuss it with the patient and place the order when appropriate.

U-M Health wants to recognize those champions behind the screens. The organization is launching a new program called Preventive Health Champions to recognize the medical assistants, nurses or panel managers who generate screening orders which result in finding patients with breast cancer who need treatment.

The Preventive Health Champions will be identified annually and will receive a certificate from UMMG leadership. Clinics with the highest percentage of preventive health screenings will receive a visit from UMMG leadership and a poster for their clinic.

This year, thank you to the following champions for their extraordinary work to advance the health of their patients:

2022 Preventive Health Champions

  •  Brandy Adams
  • Jen Allen
  • Jamie Applegate
  • Nicole Barabe
  • Samantha Bercheni
  • Kathy Botkins
  • Amy Buege
  • Amanda Caron
  • Maurena Chavez
  • Ramanjit Cheema
  • Alishea Claxton
  • Brayda Conant-Buhler
  • Linda Connolly
  • Peggy Corey
  • Abby Deloach
  • Dawn Demmy
  • Joann Derossett
  • Stephanie Deyo
  • Kate Dumitrache
  • Nicole Fearer
  • Teresa Fee
  • Brenda Gillies
  • Anne Marie Giroux
  • Rachel Gocaj
  • Sonja Grant
  • Lisa Harris
  • Tory Havasy
  • Sarah Hur
  • Etsuko Inohara
  • Roszanne Joseph
  • Glenn Kuehn
  • Enkeleda Lako
  • Lira Lloyd
  • Kate Marston
  • Chelsea Mazur
  • Monique Mendez
  • Lynette Mepyans
  • Jahnay Mitchell-Greene
  • Cristal Mouele
  • John Nicholson
  • Maggie Panyan
  • Mary Perez
  • Karen Rafalski
  • Curtis Rogers
  •  Mandi Scharrer
  • Paulina Sekulla
  • Kelley Sherbrook
  • Patty Sleeman
  • C.J. Stetu
  • Kellen Taylor
  • Aleigthea Telfair
  • Lynn Thoms
  • Tracy Trolian
  • Jeanette Urbonas
  • Robin Wdowiak
  • Natalie White
  • Fantasha Williams

The organization also wants to recognize the following three clinics for having the top breast cancer screening rates in their departments at U-M Health:

  • Briarwood Family Medicine
  • Northville OBGYN
  • West Ann Arbor General Medicine

Thank you to these champions for advancing health for our patients!