FAQs: COVID-19 strategy changes

October 31, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Announcements

Updated: Oct. 31, 2022

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Q: Are corridors considered non-patient areas when it comes to masking requirements?

A: Only if there is no patient access whatsoever.

Q: What about the Medical School?

A: Masks remain optional in non-clinical Medical School buildings.

Q: What about the UH Cafeteria?

A: Because there is patient access, masks are required in the cafeteria, unless you are at your table actively eating.

Q: What about the Employee Fitness Center in UH South?

A: Because there is no patient access, masks will become optional in the fitness center.

Q: Will there be any changes to the availability of masks at entrances for patients, visitors, and staff?

A: No. Masks will remain available.

Q: Could masking rules change again, depending on the situation?

A: The Department of Infection Prevention and Epidemiology is closely monitoring clusters and will reinstitute masking, as needed, for outbreak control.

Entrance screening

Q: Will employees need to be screened at entrances to U-M Health facilities?

A: No. Active screening of workforce members by attendants will be discontinued. Please wear your U-M badge so the screeners can delineate between patient/guest and employee/learner. Workforce members are advised to continue to utilize ResponsiBLUE and follow the pathway if they have any concerning symptoms.

Q: Will we continue to symptom screen visitors?

A: Yes, screening of patients and visitors to U-M Health facilities will continue.

Q: Will the employee entrance at UH South be available 24 hours?

A: No, the hours of this entrance will not be expanded at this time.

COVID-19 testing

Q: With weekly testing no longer necessary for those who aren’t up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines, are all CSTP testing sites going to remain open?

A: No, the Rachel Upjohn CSTP testing site will no longer be operational. The Towsley Center site will remain operational.


Q: What is the revised visitors policy for our adult hospitals?

A: Patients in our adult hospitals will be permitted two visitors at a time. This includes inpatients and those coming for a procedure, outpatient visit, or lab/radiology work. This excludes Adult Emergency Services, which will continue to allow one visitor per patient.

Q: What is the revised visitors policy for our ambulatory care clinics?

A: To support more family presence for our patients, all ambulatory clinics will now allow up to two visitors to accompany a patient. 

Q: Is it still two visitors total per inpatient stay?

A: No. Two visitors will be permitted on-site at one time for our patients.

Q: What about waiting areas?

A: Capacity for waiting rooms can increase as deemed appropriate by teams in specific areas. UMMG and Infection Prevention are actively working on the details of this.

Pre-procedure testing

Q: Are we still requiring pre-procedure testing?

A: Changes to pre-procedure testing will occur in late November 2022. When the changes go live, pre-procedure COVID-19 testing within 96 hours of patient procedures will no longer be required. This testing will occur only when clinically indicated.