Cell Plasticity and Organ Design: International Symposium and Poster Session

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022


10:00am - 6:00pm


Zoom and BSRB Kahn Auditorium


This is a one day event. Virtual session in the morning and in-person session in the afternoon. Invited speakers are domestic, international, and internal U-M faculty and trainees.

Morning session (Zoom):

  • Matthias Hebrok, Ph.D., “Modifying stem cell derived human islet organoids”
  • Madeline Lancaster, Ph.D., “Exploring regulators of human brain size determination using cerebral organoids”
  • Matthias Lutolf, Ph.D., “Engineering epithelial organoids”

Afternoon session (BSRB Kahn Auditorium):

  • Kenneth Poss, Ph.D., “Regulating tissue regeneration”
  • Sally Temple, Ph.D., “Investigating Tauopathy mechanisms and interventions with 3D brain organoids?”
  • James Wells, Ph.D., “Using human pluripotent stem cells to engineer gastrointestinal tissues”

U-M speakers:

  • Longhua Guo, Ph.D., assistant professor, molecular and integrative physiology
  • Claudia Loebel, Ph.D., assistant professor, materials science and engineering
  • Daysha Ferrer-Torres, Ph.D., research fellow, internal medicine, Spence Lab
  • Charles Zhang, graduate student, medicinal chemistry, Sexton Lab

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