Week in Review: Veteran nurse named Educator of the Year; Parkinson’s patient finds hope after deep brain stimulation — and more!

September 16, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Friday has arrived! That means it’s time to get caught up on anything you may have missed at Headlines over the past few days.

The week began with the introduction of Brook Watts, the organization’s new chief quality officer. The next day, Michigan Medicine celebrated World Sepsis Day by giving insight into the progress being made by faculty and staff when it comes to spotting sepsis and stopping it in patients. Finally, there was a feature on nurse educator Karrie Martis, who has spent 30 years impacting the nursing community; and readers learned the story of patient Dick Osborne, who has been aided by deep brain stimulation performed at U-M Health.

Find all that and more as part of the Week in Review!

Introducing new Chief Quality Officer Brook Watts, M.D., M.S.

Brook Watts, M.D., M.S., began her tenure last week as the organization’s new chief quality officer. As part of her role, Watts will lead the safety and quality initiatives that support Michigan Medicine’s journey to become a highly reliable organization. Click here to learn more about your new colleague!

World Sepsis Day offers time to reflect on progress

Tuesday was World Sepsis Day, which was created to help focus on increasing awareness of the number one preventable cause of death worldwide. At Michigan Medicine, improving sepsis care has been a top priority in recent years, culminating with the creation of a new sepsis team in early 2022. Take a look at the progress that has been made since the team’s formation.

Expertise and positivity spur veteran nurse to Educator of the Year honor

“I still haven’t wrapped my head around it.” That’s how Karrie Martis, B.S.N., B.A., R.N., NPD-BC reacted when she was named the Clinical Simulation Center Educator of the Year. But for her colleagues, wrapping their heads around the honor was no issue. They pointed to Martis’ “energetic,” “positive” and “passionate” attitude that made her perfect for the award. Click through for Martis’ story!

Deep brain stimulation offers hope for Parkinson’s patient

To meet Dick Osborne, you’d never know that a mild electrical current is being sent to his brain. It’s that current — delivered through a procedure known as deep brain stimulation — that keeps the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease from disrupting the 80-year-old’s life. Check out this feature, which outlines the incredible care Osborne has received at U-M Health over the past few years.

It’s Nursing Professional Development Week — meet a team of nurse educators

Nursing at Michigan is celebrating the organization’s professional development nurses during Nursing Professional Development Week! A team of nurse educators recently joined The Wrap employee podcast to discuss their role and how they are advancing the nursing practice at U-M Health. Check it out via the YouTube video at the top of the page or media player below.