Update on negotiations with MNA/UMPNC

September 6, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Last week, nurses at U-M Health participated in a strike authorization vote with their union, MNA/UMPNC. Below is additional information on what this means for the health system and next steps as negotiations continue.

What the vote means

The vote gives MNA/UMPNC the authority to call for a strike on behalf of their members. If MNA/UMPNC is going to call for a strike, they must provide Michigan Medicine with 10-days’ notice.

This authorization has no expiration date, so MNA/UMPNC can call for a strike at any point during the remainder of the negotiations until a new contract is reached.

This vote does not mean that nurses are going on strike.

Next steps

For now, the Michigan Medicine bargaining team will continue meeting with MNA/UMPNC and negotiating in good faith to try and reach a tentative agreement that avoids a work stoppage.

If MNA/UMPNC calls for a strike, they will provide Michigan Medicine 10-days’ notice. Should that occur, Michigan Medicine will begin to execute continuity of operations plans (COOP) plans and begin preparing to reduce capacity of operations.  

More information will be shared via Headlines as the contract negotiations continue.