Q1 is coming to a close: What you can do to jumpstart your FY23 valuation

September 29, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It’s September and you might feel like you just submitted your Valuation (you did!). However, the year-round process of Performance Management never stops, and it’s already the end of the first quarter! As we begin another Performance Evaluation cycle, it’s a great time to be proactive in getting a start on your FY23 Valuation.

What changes should I expect with the FY23 Valuation?

In this case, no news is good news! With the move to an online Performance Management system in Cornerstone in FY24, changes to the Valuation form were kept at an absolute minimum. Instructions to better clarify the Department Specific Content section were the only modification. Get a jump start on your FY23 Valuation by downloading the file here

Feedback from last year’s process let us know how important it is for you to have information at your fingertips. Special attention was given to streamline and update the Performance Evaluation Resources webpage to make finding Valuation information even easier, including a new FAQ section organized by topic featuring answers around deadlines, merit, ratings, etc. 

What can I do right now?

With a new fiscal year comes the opportunity to reflect on last year’s evaluation, discuss what the new year will entail, and start working on job-specific work goals. Check out this short Q1 overview video for details on the steps outlined below.

  1. Review the 1-Year Performance Management Roadmap
  2. Review last year’s evaluation and note any items that will carry over to this year
  3. Hold a leader and employee check-in (Initial Conversations Starter Questions), preferably during an already scheduled 1:1
  4. Employee begins to formulate current year Job Specific Work Goals in SMART format, with guidance from a leader. SMART Goals Resources, LinkedIn Learning Login Instructions
  5. Begin to reflect on professional development and encourage the employee to visit the Development Journey, and begin to create a Development Plan. This plan will not be rated but often aligns well with developing skills that will allow the employee to be successful in achieving their Job Specific Work Goals.
  6. Leader identifies any Department Specific Content that will apply to employees within their span of control, and shares content with employees.

We’re here to help!

We know that folks learn in a multitude of ways (and are often short on time!), which is why there are a number of different opportunities where you can find support in completing your FY23 Valuation. 

Valuation Information Sessions

Join us during one of our information sessions to learn more about how to fill out your Valuation and ask questions. Sessions are offered on October 5, November 9, and December 6. Click here to register.

How to Use SMART Goals Microlearning

Need help with developing your goals for the year? In just under 45 minutes, the How to Use SMART Goals Microlearning session will walk you step-by-step through how to write a goal using the SMART method. Join us for a session October 27 at 11:00am. Click here to register.

Email FY23Valuation@med.umich.edu

Send us an email and not only will you receive an automatic reply with a number of Valuation resources, but we’ll answer your specific questions as soon as possible!