Nursing at Michigan celebrating trio of specialties this week

September 12, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

U-M Health’s Nursing at Michigan is celebrating three specialties this week for their dedicated practice and education.

Neonatal Nurses Week

Neonatal nurses take care of our tiniest patients. The compassionate care provided by these nurses touches families and makes lifelong impacts. The families that enter our units are going through live changing events and our nurses make a difference.

Congratulations to each of our neonatal nurses for fostering a great place for our patients and their families. Happy Neonatal Nurses Week!

Nephrology Nurses Week

Nephrology nurses provide lifesaving care each day to patients with kidney ailments. Thank you to each nephrology nurse for your passion and commitment to a remarkably challenging specialty. Nephrology nurses use their experience, knowledge and skills to improve patient outcomes and make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families every day.

Thank you for your highly skilled and motivated work. Your attention to detail makes a difference. Congratulations on all your great contributions to improving patient outcomes. Happy Nephrology Nurses Week!

Nursing Professional Development Week

Nursing at Michigan celebrates our professional development nurses during Nursing Professional Development Week! Celebrated this week are educational nurse coordinators, educational nurse specialists and others who provide a professional development for our nursing staff. These educators enhance the knowledge of our clinical staff to provide safe and effective care for our patients.

The ongoing efforts of professional development and education nurses pave the way for U-M Health to be properly recognized for quality, evidence-based practice, and patient safety. During this week, please take the time to celebrate the achievements of our colleagues. Happy Nursing Professional Development Week!