Introducing PrinterLogic: a new tool to add and remove printers for CoreImage devices

September 7, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

 Adding printers to your CoreImage device just got easier! 
HITS will introduce a new application over the next few weeks that allows you to add, remove and modify printers without contacting the HITS Service Desk. Throughout this month, PrinterLogic will be added to your CoreImage PC device.

This change is part of a wider strategy to improve the CoreImage user experience by offering more self-service options. 
You won’t need to do anything different to print.  
PrinterLogic allows you to manage printers connected to your device. Any standard printer already connected to your device will remain connected

  • The way you print a document will not change. 
  • Modifying printer settings (black and white, double-sided, etc.) does not change. 
  • Once your CoreImage Workstation has PrinterLogic, requests for MiChart printers will be made through a new Service Catalog request
  • Mac, Linux, and other non-CoreImage devices are not impacted. 
  • Non-standard printers (Zebra, barcode printers, etc.) are not affected. 

PrinterLogic has already been released to some areas

Last month, PrinterLogic was installed across thousands of devices in some auxiliary buildings including Briarwood, Canton Health Center and Arbor Lakes. In August, more than 75,000 pages were printed using PrinterLogic! 

Support and more information 

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions and a full timeline, visit the PrinterLogic project page