Triennial survey completed by Joint Commission

August 15, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Joint Commission completed its triennial survey process last Friday, Aug. 12, after spending a week on-site visiting various units and clinics. For the first time in many years, U-M Health received no CMS conditional level findings, which means that none of the findings require the Joint Commission to return within 45 days. This is exceptional and, as noted by the surveyors, the absence of conditional level findings highlights the expertise and commitment of our teams, and the outstanding quality and safety of care provided at U-M Health. At the same time, our teams are committed to continuous improvement, and will take action on the recommendations provided by the surveyors to enhance our current processes and practices.   Among the many strengths cited in the preliminary results from the surveyors are:

  • Excellent nursing care
  • Great patient education
  • Great leadership engagement
  • Overall cleanliness of the organization
  • Knowledgeable team members
  • Overall employee engagement

The Joint Commission typically renders final accreditation decisions two weeks to two months after the survey. We anticipate the final results will be available by October 2022.