Michigan Medicine takes steps to bolster security on CoreImage devices

August 11, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Michigan Medicine community depends on user computing devices for all aspects of research, education, clinical and administrative services.

HITS strives to continuously improve its fleet of devices to support innovation and teamwork. Yet, in the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, HITS must also take steps to keep the enterprise safe while using these devices.  

Starting Aug. 15, the Michigan Medicine Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) service will be activated in waves across the Michigan Medicine CoreImage Windows environment. This work is part of a wider strategy to improve managed devices while responding to cybersecurity threats. 

The Endpoint Privilege Manager service will help further bolster Michigan Medicine’s security and protect against credential theft and ransomware attacks. It also supports U-M’s IT standards, including Information Security (SPG 601.27).

This solution also allows Michigan Medicine to more dynamically provide elevated privileges to those who need it and provide more options for automation in the future. 

CoreImage local administrator rights will be removed. Users who require Privileged Access will receive a prompt to follow the new process:

Learn more about the importance of the EPM service by reading a message from the CISO or by visiting michmed.org/epm.