BASE 2023 and beyond: Strategic priorities for the future 

August 3, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership, ,

A year ago, David Miller, M.D., M.P.H., president of U-M Health, introduced strategic priorities called BASE, which stands for Belonging and Inclusion, Access, Safety and Quality, and Experience. Designed to serve as guideposts for strategic decision making, the priorities identify common goals which lead to improved patient outcomes, increased employee engagement and a more inclusive, connected workplace environment.

Now the leadership team is building new BASE initiatives for 2023, as well as considering how these plans will grow strategically in the next three years. While the work is just beginning, each segment, as well as local units are planning related initiatives tied to the priorities.

Pairing patient with employee needs

In looking at many of the initiatives, teams have focused on both employee and patient concerns. For example, there will be two Belonging initiatives — one focused on promoting and advancing a more inclusive culture among employees and the other improving health care equity and reducing health disparities among patients.

The belonging initiative focused on employees was developed in response to recent employee engagement survey results, which indicated that our environment needed to be more inclusive to all groups and that everyone must feel psychologically safe when voicing concerns. To evolve into a more respectful, inclusive academic medical center, an organizationwide continuous improvement curriculum, called “Building Toward Belonging,” is now required for all faculty, staff and learners.  For more information, click here.

To reduce health disparities among patient populations, data related to patent demographics will be analyzed and verified and a health equity roadmap will be established to determine where U-M Health currently stands regarding health equality and where it needs to improve. In addition, a Health Equity Consult Service is being piloted, which offers confidential consultations to any patients who feel they may be treated unfairly by members of their care teams.

Similarly, there are two separate initiatives for experience — one focused on the patient and one for employees. A dashboard will be established for patient experience related to units and clinics. Employee experience will focus on wellness and engagement.

One of the Safety and Quality initiatives will reduce harm and will develop measures around both patient and employee harm which should lead to improvements in both of these areas.

Strategic growth

All BASE priorities are connected to U-M Health’s strategic growth. In 2023, the enterprise will focus on continued growth with a number of clinical programs.

For instance, the team is implementing a plan over the next six months to provide specialty services at the current Ypsilanti Health Center. These efforts will help develop a longer-term community health investment plan for the Ypsilanti area, with goals to improve access to primary/specialty care programs and diagnostic services in a larger facility within the city.

When launching the Build our BASE strategic priorities, Miller said: “I believe our work together will only be better if we identify shared priorities and common goals. Our work at the academic medical center, plus our strategic affiliates, will allow us to care for patients at the right place and the right time, and support our commitment to our mission, our patients, our teams and our communities.”

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