Week in Review: PFANS nourishes patients and community; sisters make history — and more!

July 8, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

This week, Headlines highlighted Patient Food and Nutrition Services, which includes 11 team members who have been here more than 30 years. The newsletter then featured two of the newest members of the Michigan Medicine team — two orthopaedic surgery residents who are the organization’s first set of sisters to join the program.

There was also an important reminder about what faculty and staff can do to avoid falling prey to phishing attacks online.

Find all that and more as part of the Headlines Week in Review!

Meet Michigan Medicine: PFANS team nourishes patients and community

Patient Food and Nutrition Services is dedicated to delivering exemplary food service for hospital patients, providing medical nutrition therapy for individuals across U-M Health, and feeding homebound adults in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti communities. Click through to meet the team that serves more than 2,000 meals a day and provides more than 25,000 dietitian consults a year at Michigan Medicine.

Lifelong dream: First pair of sisters match to U-M orthopaedic surgery

When Kana Kobayashi, M.D., learned she matched at Michigan Medicine for her residency in orthopaedic surgery, it was the realization of a dream come true. That’s because Kana’s sister and best friend, Fumina Kobayashi, is a fourth-year orthopaedic surgery resident at U-M. That makes the Kobayashis the first sister duo to join the program. Learn their remarkable story here.

Cybersecurity: Recognizing and preventing phishing attacks

Phishing is the use of malicious email or websites, attempting to trick you into revealing your password or other sensitive information, or to infect your computer with malware. These types of attacks are the most prevalent cybersecurity threat facing large organizations like Michigan Medicine. Click for a few quick tips that will help keep you and your information safe online.

The Wrap employee podcast was off this holiday week. But be sure to check out the latest episode, which gives listeners an inside look at the Psych Tank research funding competition hosted by the Eisenberg Family Depression Center!