Michigan Medicine soap dispenser swap

July 14, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Due to global supply chain issues, there is a shortage of the Kindest Kare soap currently in use at Michigan Medicine.

The organization is taking this opportunity to upgrade its dispensers and soap product to improve hand hygiene efforts.

Key benefits to this swap include:

  • A touch free dispenser
  • Ease of maintenance for soap refill change out
  • Improved reliability of product — manufactured in the U.S.
  • The new PURELL® foam soap meets IPE requirements of antimicrobial and fragrance free

The soap dispenser swap will begin on Monday, July 18 in University Hospital. The vendor, GOJO, will have a team on-site to remove the existing soap dispensers and install the new dispensers. We are anticipating the swap will take approximately 3-5 minutes per dispenser. 

For dispensers attached to mirrors with adhesive, the new dispenser adhesive will need to cure for 24 hours before the product can be inserted. For these instances, the installer will leave a soap pump bottle, then return the following day to replace the pump bottle with the soap refill in the dispenser.

The EVS team and GOJO installers will do their best to minimize any disruption to patients and care teams during this process.

If you have any issues or concerns during the soap dispenser swap, please reach out to the EVS Clean Line at 734-232-5326.