5B receives prestigious PRISM Award

July 14, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

This week, University Hospital unit 5B became the second unit in the State of Michigan — and at Michigan Medicine — to earn a prestigious PRISM Award. The award is presented by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, or AMSN, and the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

PRISM stands for Premier Recognition in the Specialty of Med-surg and recognizes medical-surgical units with exemplary performance in six different areas: effective leadership; recruitment and retention of competent staff members; evidence-based practice; positive patient outcomes; healthy practice environment; and lifelong learning of unit staff members.

A representative from AMSN presented the unit with the award on Tuesday during a ceremony that included words of gratitude and recognition from U-M Health, Adult Hospitals and unit leaders.

“We are all connected in what we are trying to accomplish together on behalf of our patients, our teams and our communities,” said David Miller, M.D., M.P.H., U-M Health president. “This award reflects our core values of teamwork and innovation.

“The performance areas for the PRISM award align directly with the concept of building our BASE, the new enterprise-wide priority structure that focuses on belonging, access to care, safety and quality, and experience, to help us continually improve as an organization,” Miller said.

A long and bumpy road

When Tina Weinberg, MSN-Ed, 5B educational nurse coordinator, joined the unit in April 2019 after 24 years working on other units at Michigan Medicine, she was so impressed with the collaborative, supportive and team-oriented staff, she wanted to find a way to recognize their work. So in January 2020, she proposed the idea of applying for the PRISM Award to the Unit-Based Committee, or UBC, which unanimously voted to begin the journey to PRISM.

In March 2020 when the pandemic hit, everything came to a halt. The team was finally able to resume working on the application in the summer of 2021. Their collaboration resulted in the submission last fall of a 69-page PRISM Award application, filled with example after example of the unit’s strengths and exemplary practices.

Well-deserved recognition

Marisa Streelman, D.N.P., R.N., CMSRN, NE-BC, strategic advisor to the chief nurse executive at Michigan Medicine, a certified medical-surgical registered nurse (CMSRN), and president-elect for the AMSN Board of Directors, presented the award.

“Your teamwork, commitment and devotion to the common goal are what bring us here today to celebrate your unit,” said Streelman. “You should be proud of the strong governance structure, evidence-based practice and positive patient outcomes for your unit.”

Following are examples of the work highlighted by Streelman, and throughout the award application, that set 5B apart as an extraordinary unit:

  • The unit’s strength in leadership includes formal processes of shared decision making through the UBC, workload review committee and overall staff participation.
  • For recruitment and retention, 5B offers prospective staff members an opportunity to shadow a nurse on the unit before joining the team, and a one-year mentorship for new team members. Staff are celebrated for their achievements, and teamwork is fostered through the unit’s commitment to a Just Culture and Culture of Respect, valuing the individuality and contributions of all staff, and providing a safe space for sharing concerns and opportunities for improvement.
  • The team presents information to local, regional and national audiences about their evidence-based practices and focus on positive patient outcomes, such as a Bedside Shift Report project that led to hospital-wide implementation of bedside patient handoff reports between shifts and functional pain assessment pilots focused on reducing disparities in pain management for patients at higher risk for uncontrolled pain.
  • The unit’s Positive Code of Conduct, focusing on support, teamwork, communication, accountability and responsibility, is posted on the unit and reviewed during each shift. Staff members on the unit embrace the code of conduct for its values that create a positive and healthy practice environment for staff, patients and families.
  • Unit leaders encourage lifelong learning and provide multiple professional development opportunities to nursing staff, including a 5-tier advancement program, funding for advanced education and CMSRN certification education.

“It was really special for the UBC to take on the work of this application,” said Krystal Cline, B.S.N., R.N., CMSRN, 5B staff nurse and UBC Chair. “It was a labor of love and everybody was excited to share our work. The award reflects on our staff as a whole and how we operate as a unit.”

Miller pointed out that the practices on 5B support the organization’s mission to advance health to serve Michigan and the world.

“Our commitment to lifelong learning, to continuous improvement and to advancing our field distinguishes us from other organizations,” said Miller.

Admiration for the team

Cathy Kendrick, M.S., R.N., CNML, NE-BC, chief nursing officer for the Adult Hospitals, stressed that every member of the unit is a leader.

“Leadership matters, and it happens at all levels,” said Kendrick. “You all led this; it was your persistence, your perseverance, the inclusion of all voices, and teamwork that earned you this award.”

“Your passion for the mission here at Michigan Medicine, your passion as a team for each other, and the passion and support from your leaders, all drive the goal to achieve optimum care,” said Francene Lundy, B.S.N., R.N., M.S.A., NE-BC, associate chief nursing officer for Surgery, Perioperative & Rehabilitation Services in the Adult Hospitals.

Amy Allen, D.N.P., R.N., CNML., 5B clinical nursing director, said she is truly grateful for the 5B team.

“I have the privilege of watching this team, day in and day out,” said Allen. “What I’m most proud of is that you own your practice. I see in you what you’re capable of, and what you do every day.

“As a leader, this is probably my proudest moment.”