2022 Virtual Art Fair: Poetry and literature

July 20, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Poems by Joey Maki, project coordinator, Health Information Technology & Services

Northern Lights

As darkness falls the night sky bursts to life

The majestic lights an amazing sight to be seen

Gazers look on with curious wonderment

As the colors dance back and forth against the stars

The luminous bridge stretches on in the background

The glow imitating thousands of tiny fireflies

We listen as gentle waves strike the shore

Their unique melody setting the mood

We stare in awe practically holding our breath

Fascinated by the miracle of mother natures show

Musicians Quote

He takes a deep breath as he steps onto the stage

The curious onlookers oblivious to this phase

Nervous energy charges through him like a lightening flash

While harmonious melodies begin to ring out easy rhythms that dare not clash

He closes his eyes and feels the music begin to course through his veins

Every part of his being seeking to energize and entertain

The heaviness of his brass instrument tugs on the supporting strap around his neck

While he mentally prepares and ensures that his list has every last check

He raises his axe in eager anticipation

Wetting his reed with professional preparation

He places the mouthpiece gently above his tightened lower lip

His artistic hands feeling out each and every grip

He begins to exhale, the soft shrill of the sax filling his ears

His fingers grazing the pearl keys like a master who has trained for many years

He hits every beat he strives to hit

A perfect solo flowing out bit by bit

The crowd sits mesmerized, hanging on each measure he completes

Sharing the story of his music becomes his one and only feat

As he plays his last and final note

The applause from the audience completes his musical quote

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