Week in Review: Remembering transplant team tragedy, baby formula shortage — and more

June 3, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of a tragedy at Michigan Medicine, when six transplant team members were killed when their plane went down over Lake Michigan.

A rundown of remembrances and memorials taking place across the organization was included in this week’s featured stories in Headlines.

Also included was a look at the ongoing national shortage of baby formula and what one Michigan Medicine expert said families should know, and information was shared about the Emerging Leaders Council, which is helping the Rogel Cancer Center better serve early and mid-career faculty members.

Find all that and more as part of the Week in Review:

We remember: Honoring those lost in transplant team tragedy, 15 years later

On June 4, 2007, six team members were returning from Milwaukee — where they had retrieved a pair of lungs for transplantation — when their Survival Flight plane crashed into Lake Michigan. “We will never forget those selfless team members who lost their lives while doing their best to save another,” said Christopher Sonnenday, M.D., M.H.S., U-M Health Transplant Center director. Learn how the organization will be honoring those lost over the next few days.

Baby formula shortage: Five things families need to know

The nation’s stock of baby formula is shrinking — and the messaging around the subject can be overwhelming. Fortunately, LaDonna Hendricks-Sparrow, M.D., a pediatrician at Mott, shared some advice for families who are unsure how to navigate the current situation. Check out what she had to say here.

Emerging leaders set the agenda for next generation

The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) was formed by the Rogel Cancer Center Senior Leadership Committee (SLC) with a mission to develop and support the next generation of leaders. Since its inception, the team has provided strategic feedback, identified areas of concern and implemented action committees to address those concerns. Click through for more on this trailblazing group.

The Wrap employee podcast was off this week, though it will return next week with an interview with Michigan Medicine Security Director Brian Uridge. If you’ve missed any previous episodes, click here to take a listen!