Patient Experience (PX) 101


Wednesday, August 17, 2022


12:00pm - 1:30pm



PX 101 is a foundational, engaging educational offering to support and enhance our culture of patient experience excellence. This resource was originally developed by The Beryl Institute(link is external) and customized by Michigan Medicine, designed to ensure that all faculty, staff, and learners have a fundamental understanding of patient experience, and the skillset to positively impact the patient and family experience. 

This interactive, instructor-led training is 90 minutes long and will be held regularly via Zoom. The target audience is all faculty, staff, and learners at Michigan Medicine.

After completing this training, the learner will be able to understand the definition of patient experience, how their role impacts patient experience, empathy, and actions they can take to address what matters most to patients and families. They will understand patient experience measurement, describe critical components of service recovery, and discuss how their purpose, values, and strengths impact their contributions to patient experience.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Demonstrate how you, in your role, can provide a positive experience for patients and families
  2. Explain how patient experience impacts both the patient and the health system
  3. Employ behaviors, both verbal and nonverbal, that show we care about patients as unique individuals
  4. Perform empathetic behaviors consistently and completely to influence positive patient experience scores
  5. Utilize the four key components of service recovery to manage service failures without taking or assigning blame
  6. Specify how your individual purpose, values, and strengths align with your contributions to the experience of patients and families