Last call: Performance valuations due June 30

June 27, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Don’t forget, performance valuations are due on June 30!

“At this point in the year, I find that people want to know how to cross the finish line as efficiently as possible,” said Brian Cole, interim director of operations and planning for Organizational Learning. 

With that in mind, Cole said he likes to share an approach that helps make end-of-the-year meetings more effective.

That approach includes:

  • Having staff fill out the self-evaluation portion of the valuation and send it to their leader
  • Having the leader provide their input and send the valuation back to the staff member before the end-of-year meeting
  • At the end-of-year meeting, both parties focusing on the areas that they are interested in discussing. Also discussing (at a high level) what a great next year would look like and any new expectations.

“This process allows each person a chance to review and digest information ahead of their face-to-face (or virtual) meeting,” Cole said. “And it gives everyone a chance to focus on moving forward and think about what will be necessary to allow for the most career growth in the coming year.”

Below are a few links and resources that may be helpful as you work through the valuation process:

If you would like to receive a comprehensive valuation toolkit, please email The toolkit will be sent via an automated response.