We Are Health Care: Together, we make a difference

May 27, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

This month, the organization participated in the nationwide celebrations of Hospital Week and Nurses Week. But May is also a great time to recognize the contributions of every member of the Michigan Medicine team. 

The following Making a Difference Awards, shared through the Recognition site by coworkers, remind us that we are better together and that together, as a team, “We Are Health Care!”

Taking the time to provide the best assistance

Beth Burgess, medical assistant senior

I was very delayed in getting to my appointment at the end of the day, and I called the office to ask if I could still be seen, totally expecting the answer to be ‘no.’  But Beth said ‘yes,’ and stayed late to check me in and enabled me to be seen by my doctor. This made such an incredible difference to me. Michigan Medicine is lucky to have such a dedicated person such as Beth on staff!

Donyale Woods, patient financial counselor

A patient stated that Donyale took the time to explain how his out-of-pocket expenses with his insurance works. He said now that he understands he will pay his bill in full and look into possibly getting a different insurance. Donyale was patient and kind and Michigan Medicine is lucky to have her!

Gerald Okler, administrative specialist associate

Gerald, you took time out of your day to come to my home and work on my technical issues so that I could do my job. You solved the problem quickly and even gave me some useful tips to help me perform the tasks I have been assigned. You were gracious, very knowledgeable and patient explaining everything you were doing and showing me what to do for ‘just in case’ scenarios. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Gerald — you rock!

Kristine Golmirzaie, M.D., assistant professor of anesthesiology

Dr. Golmirzaie, you invested time making phone calls and coordinating care to make life easier for a patient. In fact, you saved a child 1.5 hours of time under anesthesia by arranging for an earlier MRI slot.  Thank you!

Going above and beyond

Monica Godoshian-Vliet, Physical Therapist

Monica went the extra mile to address issues a patient was experiencing following a prolonged and complex hospital stay, including time in the ICU. Her ability to thoroughly evaluate, intervene and coordinate with the team to address these issues helped to ensure adequate follow-up post-discharge and a high level of patient care. I also want to highlight her willingness to think beyond the ‘typical’ acute care PT box.

Tammy Thompson, R.N., Ambulatory Care Services

There was a younger patient who needed to be seen but availability was scarce. Tammy went above and beyond to get this patient in by reaching out to multiple providers, communicating with our front desk team, and giving constant reassurance and effort to the family needing to be seen! Keep it up, Tammy!

Lisa Puroll, patient services associate

Thank you, Lisa, for working so diligently to get the young man without a ride home. You went above and beyond to take care of him and it does not go unnoticed!”

Cortney Ward, cardiac sonographer, and the Domino’s Farms Cardiovascular Medicine Team

This Cardiovascular Medicine at Domino’s Farms team received very enthusiastic praise from a patient regarding his care. While leaving the Echo suite, the patient had a fall and he said the staff was so attentive and caring. You all took such good care of him, helped him to his car in the rain, and even followed up later that day. He wants you all to know how much he appreciates you and really enjoys coming to Domino’s Farms for his care. Great job on the values of caring, teamwork and inclusion.

Supporting our team members

Candice Jones, contact center manager

Thank you, Candice, for the level of care you have provided to our CVC call center team. We appreciate your honesty, integrity and leadership innovation. Going forward, we are certain that our team will continue to strive with you as our leader.

Mark Benson, M.D., assistant professor of internal medicine

Thank you, Dr. Benson, for taking time out of your day to ensure the call center staff and leaders felt valued and appreciated pertaining to a situation with a patient. We appreciate the level of care you continue to provide to our team, but most of all to our patients. Thank you for all you do!

Amy Yoki, UMMS senior registrar

Amy goes above and beyond in her care for our medical students, especially those with highly complex administrative needs and sensitive personal situations. Recently, our team experienced a policy change which unexpectedly and significantly impacted one of my students. She put an incredible amount of time brainstorming possible solutions, including emailing me over six fully-formed plans. I am inspired by Amy’s attention to detail, level head, patience and compassion on a daily basis.

Ann Comstock, pediatric speech-language pathology clinical supervisor

Ann works tirelessly to support pediatric SLP staff members and ensure excellent patient care for pediatric patients and their families. She is very responsive to any problems that arise. She values all staff members’ opinions and listens to input with an open mind. Ann is a role model both as a clinician and as a leader!

Being the Leaders and Best

Devon Spies, Human Resources employment specialist

Devon, I appreciate you always being there to answer my silly questions without hesitation.  Even when I am positive that your plate is piled high, you take time to answer my email no matter what and always, without fail, take care of my request. Your knowledge of the (sometimes very confusing to me) university employment process is matched by none! Thank you isn’t enough; I hope this little recognition will bring a smile.

Gabrielle Dykhouse, patient services assistant

Gabby, thank you for helping the patient who could only speak Spanish with your knowledge of the language. You did such an amazing job helping her and I know she was really thankful for you in her time of need and distress.

Deeon Rorabacher, medical assistant senior

A huge thank you is owed to Deeon for years of stellar service to our community by way of the WAA urology group. Deeon is simply a fantastic human being, coworker, friend and patient advocate. Michigan Medicine is lucky to have her, and it is fantastic to see her get a new opportunity furthering her footprint here. Thank you, Deeon, for being great and striving for excellence.