RISE: Continuing to engage Michigan Medicine in education innovation

May 20, 2022  //  FOUND IN: News

For members of the Michigan Medicine RISE (Research. Innovation. Scholarship. Education.) Innovation Community, engaging in open dialogue is a good thing. In fact, it is encouraged.

As RISE concludes its pilot at the end of June and moves into its recently-approved growth plan through 2026, it will continue to offer its signature monthly Virtual Talking Circles as a space for faculty, staff and learners to explore their ideas that impact health sciences education. These virtual sessions launched in response to the pandemic, aim to engage community members in strategic collaboration with peers, and to embrace intelligent risk-taking.

One attendee described the talking circles as “one of the very few ‘virtual meetings’ I actually look forward to and enjoy,” reflecting positively on the presentations, discussions and facilitation of these sessions. Another attendee remarked how they “really appreciate efforts to train education innovators and to promote a culture of innovation at our institution” and that they “feel fortunate to be at an institution where this is happening.”

The talking circles are just one way RISE has advanced innovation in health sciences education (which began in July 2019).

Through similar initiatives, it has supported dozens of new education ideas, grown its Community of Practice to nearly 500 innovators and launched an innovator development program. During the next four years, RISE will look to support more teams and innovators across Michigan Medicine with their ideas to transform teaching and learning and more deliberately connect with education initiatives across the university.

Later this summer, RISE will launch a call for applications for its next round of fellows and education innovation mini-grants, which will provide a valuable resource for innovators to explore their ideas.

One fellow from the first cohort stated that “RISE has certainly transformed my understanding of innovation and how it applied to medical education … I’ve been inspired to expand my vision, and been given the resources and, importantly, the connections to move towards that vision.” A member of the second cohort indicated that, “The group sessions always help me move my thinking forward. I continue to be excited and energized with the material and with the collaborations.”

For more information on RISE, including a schedule for the Virtual Talking Circles, and the ways faculty can participate, please visit this website.


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