Organization taking new approach to Valuations, engagement survey results

May 25, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership, ,

As Memorial Day approaches, faculty and staff across Michigan Medicine are preparing for summer. In fact, a Headlines story earlier this week highlighted some of the top things faculty and staff enjoy doing in the state during the warm summer months. You can read it here if you missed it!

With the school year ending and summer break beginning, June is a time of transition, and that is no different at Michigan Medicine. June marks the end of the fiscal year, which means it is a busy time as faculty and staff work to conduct performance reviews, finalize budgets, create new goals, work on professional development, and plan for the year ahead. 

As mentioned in Dr. Runge’s Minute with Marschall blog, the organization is approaching June differently than in past years. Read on for more information about how leaders are changing the approach to performance valuations and reviewing results from the Vital Voices Faculty and Staff Engagement Survey. 

Performance Valuations

Performance Valuations are due June 30, which means all forms should be submitted to human resources by the end of that day. This is a change from last year’s due date of July 31 and will assist the organization in transitioning to a new Cornerstone Online performance management system.

This new performance management system will help us move from our current manual ‘paper’ process to one that is more automated and efficient. In the new system, reminders and due dates will be automatically generated, and performance will be connected directly to learning for the first time. A pilot program with the new system will begin in fiscal year 2023 and will be rolled out to all staff in FY24.

Please take advantage of the “June Pause” to make progress in completing your reviews with your staff.

Below are links to resources that may be helpful as you work through the valuation process:

If you would like to receive a comprehensive valuation toolkit, please email The toolkit will be sent via an automated response.

Employee Engagement

Michigan Medicine usually releases the results of the annual Vital Voices Faculty and Staff Engagement Surveys shortly after receipt, adding to the overall June workload. This year, to give managers and supervisors time to focus on having meaningful performance valuations with their staff members, employee engagement results will be rolled out differently.

Press Ganey provided overview-level results from this year’s faculty and staff surveys to the Michigan Medicine leadership team. Taken together, the feedback from all — faculty, staff, managers and leaders — indicated high levels of stress and burnout.

“While the results were not surprising given the challenges we have faced over the last two years, they do indicate that we need to change the way we think about engagement as an organization,” said Deloris Hunt, M.S.A., chief human resources officer at Michigan Medicine. “This year, the leadership team is going to spend time analyzing the results from a system level, digging into the data to help us better understand the results.”

The resulting priorities will then be communicated in greater detail later this summer along with a timeline and access to results for leaders.

“We look forward to sharing what we learn in the coming six weeks, listening to feedback, and identifying ways to make positive change,” said Hunt.